Classic, White Sneakers (A Long Overdue Greats Review)

Just another blogger, posing in front of a bunch of pumpkins.  Sometimes I can’t help but to give into the blogging cliches and honestly, I’m not sorry–they really complement this outfit and it’s the perfect October outfit on a mild day. I also just realized I have never really spoken of these Greats sneakers directly […]

fall looks

Classic Fall Looks (From Years Past)

The best part about documenting all my outfits for the past nine years (gulp) is that I can scroll through my phone for inspiration.  Fall looks are my favorite–there’s just so many good ones!  My favorite thing is when I see something while scrolling and think, “I forgot I had that!”  Whereas my least favorite […]

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Moto Jacket Style

By the time the year is over, one/third will have released three styles–here is jacket 02, our moto jacket style.  Sometimes I think, ‘man, we need to pick it up,’ and other times, I’m like, ‘hey!  Not bad for a very new start-up.’  It’s a side hustle for now but obviously our goal is to […]

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easy maternity style

More Than Meets the Eye

It’s weird, you know.  Looking at these photos and seeing that I’m 20 weeks pregnant in them.  One day I’m pregnant and the next day I’m not.  It’s hard–really, really hard.  As I mentioned right after everything happened, it’s back to business as usual on these platforms.  And as I also mentioned, it IS jarring […]

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