Real Outfit Recap + Link Love

It wasn’t a great week for outfits; it was cold, snowy and there’s a snowstorm happening outside the window as we speak.  Once you’re over winter, it can be really hard to feel inspired by your closet.  And winter isn’t even closet to being over–we have a solid two months left.  So, I busted out some flares this week–for a change of silhouette and next week, I’m dusting off some dresses.

I have a weekend packed of tons of ‘stuff’ – running errands, kid activities, new house appointments (PS you guys are such a great resource.  Who knew you’d all know so much about drywall and skim coating? – per my IG stories) and a dinner with friends.  What are you up to?

Here’s some link love this week!

The internet is abuzz with Vulture’s interview with Quincy Jones–he’s spilling some tea and it’s kind of insane.  Have you read it?

Polka dots are everywhere this season, therefore, I need this dress (and it’s $100!).

Traveling with kids can be overwhelming but man, after it’s done, I can’t explain the sense of accomplishment I feel (anyone else?).  Liz did a post on some recent travels with kids and some readers asked great questions in the comments (that Liz answered!) – be sure to check it out.

I know I just said winter isn’t going away any time soon but these Gucci open-toe slides are on my wishlist BIG time for spring.  I wear my Gucci loafers to death and I’d like to think I’d wear these all spring and summer.  Thoughts?

Speaking of which – lots of great sweaters on sale…I have this one in my cart.  Am I seeing stars or is it super cute?


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