I Still Love My Leather Leggings

I remember when I decided that I needed Theory leather leggings; it was early fall 2012.  I hemmed and hawed for what seems like months over whether or not to buy them.  The pair I wanted was expensive (but par for the course in terms of leather pants) and I wondered how much I’d actually wear them–they were more of a novelty item back then.  It turns out, I wore them quite a bit.  The CPW (cost per wear) has to be pennies at this point considering we’ve had six years together. (Check out my “Ode to Leather Leggings” here and “How to Wear Leather Leggings” here) When I was pregnant with Harry the following fall (2013), I wore them as long as I could before the waistband cut into my bump.  I wore them again post-baby…and again and again…and again.  And even now, as leather leggings are totally commonplace and there are probably better versions out there (and suede and vegan and Spanx), this pair still holds a very special place in my heart.  There’s something so satisfying about making a big purchase and actually living in it and loving it to death.

What’s been your favorite big purchase?

theory leather leggings celine belt bad marled sweater veronica beard coat
theory leather leggings celine belt bad marled sweater veronica beard coat
theory leather leggings celine belt bad marled sweater veronica beard coat

  • My NZD$470 red handbag from Sezane in Paris in 2016. That’s a lot to spend on a red shoulder bag by someone who lives in black and grey, and who prefers crossbody bags! But I love it. It has a gold chain and I must be the only person in New Zealand with one. I only take it to dinners out, and its maiden outing was at Octavia restaurant in San Francisco on our way back to Auckland!

  • $750 black suede Aquatalia boots ala Kate Middleton. I held off for about a year but finally pulled the trigger and ordered them, promising myself that I’d return them immediately if they weren’t 100% comfortable. But they are! And they’re beautiful and will never go out of style. Love your outfit.

    • Love this! I’m off to google these fabulous boots (also, boots are an awesome investment…I have a Saint Laurent pair from years ago that I still wear.)

  • I can’t choose one purchase, so my Gucci fur loafers and my most recent purchase — the Celine belt bag (in navy)! My fur loafers have a CPW that’s definitely pennies, and I know the bag will get there soon;)

    The Champagne Edit

  • I am another lady who can say without a doubt that my Aquatalia boots bought circa 2011 for $550 are my best and fave fashion investment. They are a black suede wedge ankle boot with a darling buckle detail. They are oh sooo comfy! And they still look great, a reminder to myself to always invest in quality and comfort. Love your Theory leather leggings, wondering if they still make them, so that I too can make them mine!

  • I wear my leather jeans (Paige and BLK DENIM) all the time…as in at least once a week! Best purchases ever.

    Also, I bought a pair of black, leather patent boots – ankle with a block heel – probably in 2010 for $400…Tory Burch before her stuff was everywhere. I still wear them with love. They still look fabulous, still look relevant. Love them so much, that I went on eBay last year and found another. Not easy when you wear a size 10! So happy to have a back-up 🙂

    I enjoy your posts….your viewpoint is spot on.

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