Lake Lure Family Vacation Recap

Harry and Natalie (my niece, his cousin) getting one last look at the lake before getting off the boat.

A couple weeks ago, we took the family to Lake Lure, North Carolina, which is about 25 miles outside of Asheville.  My oldest sister and her family recently relocated to South Carolina and they’ve been loving the summer lake life down in the Carolinas so my brother-in-law wanted to celebrate his 40th birthday down there.  Growing up in the Midwest, I’m a big fan of going to the lake during the summer (primarily lakes in Michigan or Ohio) so this southern lake hidden in the Smoky Mountains was a change, but we loved it!  I think what I loved most was the lack of cell service–it was great to unplug.  We rented a boat for three days and just spent that time exploring the lake, swimming, eating and catching rays.  The town itself seems spread out but I don’t think it really is–the mountains just make it hard to get around.  All in all, we had a great time and it was amazing for kids but honestly, it was just fun to spend time with my sister’s family and get in some cousin time (Harry is obsessed with them because they’re all older than him!).  We rented a house on Lake Lure (that’s actually within the Wyndham Resort but I think my sister found it on VRBO) but also had access to the pool, which was great for a day.  Also, my husband and brother-in-law were able to get some golf in, too.

Two fun facts about Lake Lure:

Dirty Dancing was filmed here! Yes, it takes place the Catskills, but it was actually filmed on Lake Lure and there’s an annual Dirty Dancing Festival where people can come and have the time of their lives.

There’s a town under the lake!  They actually created a lake in the valley by building a dam in a river and flooded a town back in the 1920s.  Harry was obsessed with this and when we went swimming he’d put on his goggles and say he saw the town–ha!

Harry living his best life!

Family photo with two exhausted kiddos.

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law who has zero social media accounts (impressive, right?)

Teddy wading with the ducks

Harry and Teddy with their hero and cousin, Jack.

Derkin sisters and their families (Sarah’s the oldest sibling in the family and I’m the youngest)

Perez and Wisniewski kids

  • What life jacket do you use for Teddy? Looking for something we can use with our <30 lber since she's not big enough for the puddle jumper

    • My sister bought me one at Costco and it worked out great (because they’re buying a boat and want extras)! I think for young kids there needs to be an “under strap” which goes under their legs to prevent the life jacket from riding up their neck when they’re in water (you can see it on Harry’s, too). We also use puddle jumper in the pool with Teddy but he’s not big on swimming (or us letting him go) yet 🙂

  • Awe!! I’m so thrilled you discovered Lake Lure!! My dad grew up going to Camp Lurecrest (and still volunteers there today), so inevitably my sister and I grew up attending Camp. Camp Lucercrest is beautiful. They’ve changed the town quite a bit from when I was a child (they created that beach and have added more shops and restaurants) and we always hiked up Chimney Rock (before they redid it). Chimney Rock is where the Last of the Mohicans was filmed! I live on the other side of Asheville (Bryson City), and we still go over to Lake Lure a lot! Nostalgic for me and I love showing it to my kids (who will one day attend Camp Lurecrest)! Winnetka is beautiful. My sister in law grew up there and her house was to die for! So glad I stumbled upon your site, I love your style and home decor!

    • It was my first time and it was just so great and laid back. My sister and her fam recently moved down to SC and they hit up all the hotspots in the Carolinas 🙂 . So cool that your dad grew up going to camp there1

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