The Inexpensive Dress I’ve Been Wearing All Summer (And It’s $30!)

You know I’m all about that high-low mix.  This inexpensive dress from H&M (bought during my last H&M roundup) with $300 shoes?  You know it.  Why? Because I can wear these $300 shoes for a LOT and for years to come (and I intend t0).  The dress, however, I won’t wear every day, but I will get a lot of use out of it.  I do have plenty of “investment pieces” in my closets that aren’t shoes and accessories, too, but I grew up often trying to create the looks I loved but for less money, so a good deal is in my blood.  That sort of mentality never leaves you–not even when you can splurge once in awhile.

Just a note on the inexpensive items in my closet: just because they cost less doesn’t mean they’re “throwaway” items to me.  I have sweaters from H&M that are years old and have held up just as long as Vince cashmere.  I have Zara jackets that I’ve owned just as long as IRO jackets.  It’s all about integrating pieces that mesh with your closet aesthetic–that’s the secret.  (And a few of the investment dress brands I love are: Ulla Johnson, ALC, and Velvet.)

Add an inexpensive dress (that looks expensive!) to your closet:

Amazon the Drop ($54)

Old Navy ($25)

Target ($35)

Mango dress ($49)

H&M dress ($69)

inexpensive dress
H&M inexpensive dress
High low dressinggg
sarah flint shoes

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