How To Wear Culottes (See Jane’s Favorite Pants)

Ok, first of all, what ARE culottes?  They’re essentially a pair of cropped pants that are made to resemble a skirt.  They made a resurgence in fashion a few years back and have become a mainstay of my wardrobe over the years.  I love them because you can dress them up or down and I feel like they add a certain chicness–a je ne sais quois, to any outfit.  I reach for them just as easily as I reach for a pair of skinny jeans; it really just takes figuring out how to play with the proportions.

My tips for rocking culottes:

Great culottes to try:

This silk, navy pair closely resembles a beautiful midi skirt.

I can’t resist the olive color OR the paper-bag waist.

Silk culottes with lace details?!  I’m in.

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