Gingham One Shoulder Top (See Jane Wear)

Oooh, this top.  It fulfills a fantasy my high school self once had.  Let me explain: I discovered Forever21 for myself in high school–around 2001.  It was cheap, it was trendy and I could buy it myself–basically everything a 15 year old could want.  For some reason, one-shoulder tops just remind me of my early experiences of Forever21.  They make this 32 year old feel like a young lady again and I welcome the nostalgia.

In case you’re interested, here are a few one-shoulder tops to fulfill your high school fashion fantasies (or just mine):

This gingham top is just like mine for half the price!

This white eyelet top would look awesome with white jeans (and it’s on sale).

How cute would this be with high-waisted pants?!

PS I checked and Forever21 still does an amazing one-shoulder top.

gingham one shoulder top
how to wear one shoulder top

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