Fresh Snow, Fresh Start (See Jane Wear)

There’s nothing like a fresh blanket of snow to welcome you into the new year.  It’s almost symbolic in a way–the white powder creates a new, blank canvas for us.  Coincidentally, I’m entering into 2014 with an open mind; this year is my blank canvas, if you will.  I’m anticipating the arrival of our baby boy more and feeling more anxious than ever (I’m 24 weeks/6 months–and I finally have a bit of a bump although it’s tough to tell in winter clothes).  To be honest, I have never felt more unprepared so the first part of this year will be dedicated solely to all things baby (due to some current construction on our house, I haven’t purchased one thing for the baby or the nursery).  Looks like I have 2014 cut out for me–I’m excited for you all to follow me in my journey!

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