Foot Peel Mask Review

When I posted on IG stories that my rockin’ Saturday night plans involved this Foot Peel Mask, so many of you were VERY intrigued.  I mean, I don’t blame you–who doesn’t want baby soft feet?  I was personally intrigued by all the photos of people’s feet shedding skin off like a snake.  It’s so disgusting to see, yet so satisfying.  This is my warning to you–I have photos below of my feet peeling progress.  If feet gross out you, don’t proceed!  Consider yourself warned.

Here’s what I liked about the Foot Peel Mask:

  • The cost.  I bought a four pack on Amazon for $32–that nets out to $8 a pop.
  • It’s easy.  You put on some plastic booties that are pre-filled with the Baby Foot Mask formula, kick back, and relax.  You need to wear them for an hour so I just put them on and watched a show.  (You need to wash your feet before you put on the booties and afterwards.)
  • It works!  But not quite as well as the photos lead me believe.  My shedding of skin was more piecey; it didn’t come off like a snake, which made me sort of sad.  But next time I try it, I’m going to soak my feet every night like they recommend.  It did make my feet very soft–even my rough heels!

What I didn’t like about the Foot Peel Mask:

  • It took forever to work!  I used it on a Saturday night and it wasn’t until the following Saturday that my feet started to peel just a little bit.  I was shocked it took so long, but patience is a virtue, I suppose.
  • The shedding of skin was messy because it didn’t all come off at once.  Again, I wonder if a nightly soak (they recommend that on the box, but I figured it was optional) would help for a smoother shed.
  • The box says it’s “all natural” ingredients but what the heck is in it to to promote that kind of delayed exfoliation?  Is it bad for you?  Who knows.

Would I try this again?  Absolutely.  I’d even like to try other brands.  The reason I went for this brand were the reviews on Amazon–over 1,200 reviews with an almost 5-star average.

Alright, photos of the progress are below.  Please don’t look at these if feet or peeling gross you out!  There’s no other way to document the progress without pictures, though…you have to see for yourself.  That being said, I’m warning you!


foot peel mask before and after

The before and after! During peeling and my soft feet afterwards.

The peeling begins – day 5

Peeling in a big way–day 7

Peak peeling – day 8


  • I tried the foot peels 3 times last year, caught up in the allure (baby soft feet! goodbye dead skin!) and realized at the end of the day, two weeks of peeling/gross feet doesn’t make sense for one month of callous free feet. I loved the end result but the length of the process didn’t make sense to me when I can use one of those foot graters at home in 15 minutes for basically the same result. I was one of those 5 star reviews (I should probably update it) but after thinking about it more, the cost/benefit isn’t there for me.

    Unfortunately, you wouldn’t want to do it in the summer because of the peeling, which is when I want those baby soft feet most! Definitely give it another try, it really is quite a nice way to pamper yourself, but wanted to add some thoughts after having spent some time trying it out.

    • Totally get what you’re saying–makes sense! And AGREED–this would not be pretty in the summer!

      My heels get so cracked and dry in the winter so I *think* it makes sense in these winter months but will also be curious to see how my feet hold up…the “after” photo is 3 weeks later so I wonder if at the one month point they’ll get all dry and cracked again. Is the foot grater like an actual grater?! Tell me more.

  • I LOVE the original Baby Foot foot peel mask! Yes it’s pricey, $25 for a one time use, but it legit works!

    In my experience, nightly soaks do help promote the peeling process, but it still takes several days for it to kick in.

    And I can’t recommend the TonyMoly Changing U Magic Foot peeling mask. I tried it because they didn’t have enough of the original Baby Foot masks for my family (yes, one of my daughters and my husband love using these) so I figured why not since it was only $6 at Ulta. But my feet barely peeled on the bottoms and I still have rough heels and calluses.

    • Good to know! I want to try the original baby foot mask but wanted to test out the less expensive version first. Might have to spring for the real deal soon 😉
      PS This was actually what I put in my husband’s stocking at Christmas! Ha

  • I am curious whether you noticed a strong fragrance? I have tried a couple of similar ones and the artificial perfume smell made me a little crazy. I would LOVE to find one with little or no fragrance.

    • Hi Kim! I remember the smell (sort of flowery, powdery?) but it wasn’t overwhelming, especially when I closed the booties and wore them for an hour–couldn’t smell a thing!

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