Crazy for Crochet

One “trend” I’m really digging is crochet. I hesitate to say trend because once warmer weather temps, clothing becomes more breathable and what’s more airy than an open weave?!  It’s a little hippie, a lot of chic, and can look vintage-cool, too.

Crazy for Crochet

In the college above, I’m highlighting some great crochet–and most of it is a pretty good price point!

  1. ElevenSix Crochet Jacket ($495) – The hunt for a crochet jacket started with this.  IT’S SO CUTE …AND SO EXPENSIVE.  I am determined to find more crochet…and maybe a dupe.  I’d spend this on a vintage Chanel crochet jacket (ha).
  2. H&M crochet tank ($25) – Would look so cool and simple with denim.
  3. Old Navy crochet cover-up top ($28 on sale) – Buying this for myself – such a cool set and looks way more expensive than it is!
  4. Everlane crochet top ($68) – Again, casual cool.  Wear with shorts and chinos.
  5. Old Navy crochet coverup shorts ($36) – Again, buying the matching shorts. Old Navy is kinda killing it lately.
  6. Mango crochet fringe top ($49) and skirt ($79) – I saw this on Julia Amory and it looks so much cuter on than on the model here.
  7. Boden crochet cardigan (on sale for $120!) – This might be the winner.  It’s so cute and the black is super chic, too.

More crochet goodness:

Summersalt crochet coverup – I have this!  It’s wonderful and flattering.

Zara crochet jacket – Coming soon!  But I will need it because it’s maybe better than the ElevenSix one.

Zara crochet knit dress – Also bought this – we shall see!


  • Hi came across your blog as I’m tall myself. I love crochet too but I make it myself. I know sweatshops and unethical practice is rife across fashion but crochet has to be handmade (cannot be made by machine) and people really don’t understand how many hours goes in to each piece. Please consider this before encouraging buying cheap or just for a trend. Maybe charity shops would be good to buy budget, but really, hand crafted isn’t suited to budget buying without buying into some serious exploitation. I know it’s hard to make ethical choices, I’m not saying I’m perfect and we’ll all have a different line where we compromise. However I think more most people cheap crochet would cross that line. This is a good article.

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