Billie Razor Review

billie razor review

Billie: the razor with a ton of hype. You’ve seen everyone praising it on instagram.  Maybe you’ve even been served the ads on social media.  But, like, it’s a razor–what’s so special about it?  Before I get into it, I must let you know that I have been using this razor for a little over a week and shaved every other day.  That may not sound like much in the grand scheme of things but when it comes to hair removal and razors, you pretty much know if you like something after the first shave; I wanted to give it a solid week before making the call.  And as for some background, I’ve been a Venus Gillette loyalist since high school (probably?).  I’ve dabbled with other disposable razors but have always remained true to the Venus.  What I’m about to reveal isn’t actually that revelatory–so, sorry in advance.  In fact, your life will most likely not be changed by the purchase of the Billie Razor.  It won’t do your laundry or pay your taxes (those are life-changing tasks to me, ha).  HOWEVER, there’s some good stuff here and I’m going to show you why Billie is a smart company that just might change how you shave your legs.

Billie Razor Review – what’s great about it:

  • the price.  I chose the “least frequent” option, which means I shave “once a week.”  I actually shave more than that but I don’t really shave above my knees (TMI?) because I don’t really grow hair there (another TMI?).  The starter kit package I chose was only $9–which includes four razor cartridges every quarter.  That in itself is incentive enough to purchase this razor.  When you include the free shipping–that’s significantly cheaper than the $20 (not including tax) four-pack of cartridges from Venus Gillette that I normally buy at any local retailer like Target, Walgreens, Walmart, etc (and you need a salesperson to get them out of the case for you).
  • the shave. It’s a pretty good shave, ladies.  The razor blades are sharp and I like the built-in charcoal; I don’t really like to use shaving cream–so, this is one less step–and there’s no synthetic fragrance (great for sensitive skin)…sometimes, I’ll use body wash in lieu of shave cream, too.  My legs felt SO smooth and I’ve been shaving every other day for a week and the blade is still razor sharp as ever.  For a sniff test, I made Eric feel my legs–he replied, “smooth.”  Very helpful.  Very descriptive.  But, I will say that the smoothness is comparable to my Venus Gillette razors.  The Billie blade seems to be a smidge sharper after using it so much for a week.   And I’m also happy to report that there’s no razor burn to be found here!
  • no nicks. I often nick my ankles or that spot right behind the knee with my other razors.  Don’t you love how when you lightly nick while shaving the blood just pours out of you and circles the drain like there’s a murder scene?  Anyway, there’s something about the shape of the Billie handle and razor that isn’t nicking me at all.  Literally, no nicks over the past 8-9 days and a very close shave, to boot.
  • the magnetic holder.  I’m not going to lie–it’s an awesome feature being able to hang the razor up.  I love just sticking the razor handle to the wall.   It gets less goopy and doesn’t rust this way (Note: our bathroom subway tile is super slippery and handmade, so it has fallen off once this week, but I got it back on.)

Verdict: Buy it for the price alone.  It’s the smoothest shave and for that price, you can’t get any better.  The pink tax is a real thing and I love that this industry is changing.  There’s absolutely no reason that a single Venus Gillette cartridge should be $4.  Plus, I love their pro-hair marketing stance because, you may have noticed, women in commercials are normally shaving their hairless legs.  Don’t get me started on women’s razor television commercials and the fact that the Venus razor is named just that (“men are from Mars”…yuk yuk).

Other similar razor brands I am thinking about trying: Flamingo (available at Target) and Dollar Shave Club.  And can anyone tell me why this Mave razor is $75 when it’s compatible with Venus Gillette cartridges?

PS After doing more razor research, I learned that Venus Gillette launched an exact version of Billie online for a dollar more.  While I’ve been loyal to them for so long, I think I’m going to stick it out with Billie and also try some other companies, like Flamingo.  I like that these companies compelled Gillette to change, though!

  • I use Flamingo, it’s pretty good and definitely worth it for the price. I was going to try Billie but I can’t remember what made me pick Flamingo, haha. I was a Shick Hydro girl before (and Venus travel-sized for vacation – the teeny tiny one that fits in a little container)

    • Flamingo is available at Target so it’s probably more convenient but I already signed up for the quarterly delivery with Billie. BUT, I do want to try Flamingo, too–to compare and contrast 🙂

  • I tried the Billie but didn’t love the aloe around the blades. It got slimey and was a deal breaker. I’m now on the Flamingo and love it. Just as close a shave and pretty in the shower to boot.

    • No aloe on the Flamingo? See, I always bought the aloe or soapy Venus cartridges because I feel like they replace shaving cream for me! (I prefer it) ..and hanging it on the magnetic strip has kept it “less slimy” if that makes sense!

      I do want to try the Flamingo, though!

  • I definitely have been seeing their ads everywhere and a lot of influencers raving about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. I do like that it has a magnetic holder. The suction holders don’t hold up long. $9 is really affordable. Maybe I’ll try it!

  • I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t love the flamingo! The blade is sharp for two uses and then dulls really quickly. I find myself switching the blade more often than Venus! Was going to switch back but maybe I should try billie now. Hmmm.

    • I also did not love Billie, tried Flamingo as well and didn’t love. I went back to Venus and can’t believe I left it for prettier packaging haha!

      • Christina – What didn’t you like about Billie and Flamingo? Also, did you see that Venus offers the same subscription as Billie now? It’s so much cheaper than buying in store!

        • Hi Anna! I did not see the Venus subscription – amazing, thanks for the tip! I thought Billie and Flamingo blades were either shorter/duller so I would find complete areas that still had hair, especially under arms. Also, the Flamingo especially rusted so quickly – I moved it around in my shower a couple times to see if it’s where I placed it but I ended up trying it in the same spot my Venus was in and it still rusted so fast. I loved the design, the holders for both and the packaging but sadly turned back.

          xo Christina

          • Good to know–nothing worse than a quickly rusted out razor! Boo! If anything, all this competition is making the Venus blades cheaper, which is awesome 😉

    • Give Billie a try! It is super comparable to Venus but not as flat, which I think is better for my legs (but I DO like the aloe on the blade, so just a heads up – someone who commented above did not like that). If you don’t like it, Venus offers a discounted subscription now! PS What didn’t you like about Flamingo?

  • Don’t laugh, but I have been using the Harry’s razor for about a year and I like it. It has a little case that snaps over the blade when not in use, which is kinda nice. I wish they’d put a bit more “grip” on the handle, it can be slippery at times…but all in all I really like it.

    • No laughing – that’s great! I’ve used it before (only one cartridge but didn’t rebuy). You gotta get what works for you!

  • You should try a leaf razor (or other metal razor)! The initial investment can be pricey (~$50-70 depending), but the replacement blades are really cheap and it’s all metal so you’re not dealing with a bunch of waste. The replacement blades are $14 for 50 which is enormously less than Gillette or Billie or any other brand and the handle work last a lifetime. Just something to think about!

  • I got the Flamingo because I was tired of paying Venus prices. I’ve been religious to the Venus extra smooth. Flamingo does not compare. As another comment said, it fills after a couple of shaves which just means changing the blade more than I did with Venus and there’s really not a cost savings anymore. I also love the moisturizing strips on the Venus extra smooth and flamingos version is not at all comparable.

    • You should try Billie! It’s significantly cheaper than Venus (unless you do their new subscription which I mentioned in the post) and the cartridges are half the price of buying Venus in-store. I, too, was a Venus loyalist for decades (and I would still use it) but it’s nice to find something a little cheaper (and Billie also has the aloe on it, which is the version I buy of Venus).

      Flamingo seems to be much more polarizing than Billie! People either seem to love it or hate it based on all these comments 🙂

  • I couldn’t stand the Billie razor 🙁 I wanted to like it but every time I bumped it or dropped it the head of the razor fell of and was impossible to re-attach. The head of the razor also melted and god slimy so easily I never got a close shave. I didn’t last more than a few weeks

  • I couldn’t stand the Billie razor 🙁 I wanted to like it but every time I bumped it or dropped it the head of the razor fell of and was impossible to re-attach. The head of the razor also melted and god slimy so easily I never got a close shave. I didn’t last more than a few weeks

    • So interesting! Granted, I’ve only been using it a week, but it’s never fallen off. Also, I like the aloe (I buy the same thing in Venus razors) but it seems to be one of those things you love or hate!

  • I tried Billie for a few months but eventually went back to my Venus razor. I just could not get a smooth shave with Billie razors. I was so bummed because I LOVED the design of the razor and the magnetic holder. I’m glad you had better luck than me!

  • I tried Billie and found it SO frustrating! The blade head would fall off while shaving and the frustration of picking it up while wet and slippery so annoying. It is also possible to put the hard on upside down!! Not a sign of a well designed product. They did readily send me a new handle after cutting myself trying to reattach a blade head— thinking it was defective but the blades still came off mid shave. Traveling with it is not easy as it gets pretty slimy after the first use. The best thing about it is the magnetic holder.

    • A few people have mentioned the same thing about the head falling off…were you an early purchaser? Maybe they’ve changed the style a bit since then? (I’ve never experience the blade coming off) I have been using it for 2.5 weeks straight (same blade) and it’s been a gem! BUT I also like the aloe, which makes it slippery/too slimy for some. I buy Venus razors with the same thing.

    • I live in Canada and billie doesn’t ship here, so I just got joy to try it out, it’s also 9 CAD and 12 CAD every 2 months for 4 replacements. The shave is very smooth shave, I was also a Venus user.

  • Thanks for the honest review! I have always used a Venus Gillette but I have just finished my shave cream so maybe I should take that as a sign to take the plunge and try Billie razors!

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