Bahamas Recap + Ocean Club Four Seasons


Well, it’s back to reality for us.  We just spent a great vacation in the Bahamas with the family.  I received some questions asking about the hotel, why we went there and if I could give my honest thoughts and I thought I’d share everything here along with a photo diary (all photos taken with my iPhone).  We stayed at the Four Seasons Ocean Club on Paradise Island; it is a recent Four Seasons addition but used to be called the “One&Only” before it was acquired and rebranded.  We decided to go here on a bit of a whim because 1.) we never went on vacation during the dead of winter because we were moving and there was too much going on 2.) we found a direct flight from Chicago to Nassau (this is HUGE when you are traveling with young kids) and 3.) Eric saw that this was a recent Four Seasons addition and he loves the brand – and saw there were children amenities.  Would I recommend this hotel?  Yes, whole heartedly (and no this isn’t sponsored, but I wish it was – ha).  Here are some things to consider:

  • There were a good amount of children at the hotel and I felt like it was very kid-friendly (they had a Kids’ Club and a Kids’ Pool, which was incredible).  If you’re looking for an adults-only getaway, just keep that in mind.  However, there is an adult-only pool if you want peace and quiet.  Also, there is only one full-service restaurant (aside from poolside dining) called the Dune and we’d go there most days for breakfast and dinner but most kids cleared out pretty early.  Eric and I said we’d definitely consider going back without kids for a quick getaway.  The resort is spread out and I felt like it was peaceful, so I think no matter what you’re going for, it’ll suit your needs.
  • The staff is incredibly warm and kind.  I felt like it was a bit slow in terms of service (but you’re on island time, right?) but they were so welcoming and attentive to the kids that it wasn’t as big of a deal.  It’s really hard traveling with kids; we all had a great time but it was also exhausting.  It helped that the hotel and all Bahamians that we encountered (even off the hotel grounds!) were so accommodating to the kids.
  • While the restaurant was good (I always think hotel food, no matter how fancy, is good but never amazing), if you have the means, venture out and get a local taste.  Again, it was hard for us to venture out often with kids and their respective bedtimes, but we did get out a few times.  Since Atlantis is a stone’s throw away, the Four Seasons provides transportation and access to the resort and we went over there for the aquarium one afternoon.  If it was just Eric and me, we would definitely be more adventurous and find some under the radar food options.

All in all, the vacation was great.  It was not as challenging as I thought it’d be with two kids (we all shared a room – Harry in a rollaway, Teddy in a crib, but Eric and I would have cocktails on our room’s terrace when the kids were asleep so we could listen to the ocean and have adult time) and I think that’s because the hotel was so great for our little ones.  We would definitely go back – especially given there’s a direct flight!  Any questions – just ask in the comments.

Teddy didn’t want to leave (crewcuts swim, Ubbetter hat)

This was the kids’ pool – isn’t it insane? (Mara Hoffman swim, Madewell hat)

Harry, looking very grown up (he LOVED these swimmies)

In front of the ‘lobby’ – which was insanely gorgeous. (Topshop tank, BP sunglasses, Reformation pants – wearing a 4, Parme Marin slides)

Christmas Card photo! Best buddies (wearing Target tees, Old Navy shorts and Native shoes)

This is slightly filtered, but the water really did look this amazing. (Marysia suit – wearing a medium, Madewell hat)

We didn’t eat many meals off the resort (because we didn’t have a car) but we ventured out a couple times. We went to the Poop Deck, which was awesome!

Teddy, loving life at the kids’ pool

Casual cool in a two-piece set from Zara

Mara Hoffman coverup, Madewell hat, Saint Laurent sunglasses

We hung out on our terrace a lot, especially while the kids slept. Looks like Teddy had just woken up. (wearing mini Boden)

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