April’s Best Sellers

Quarantine has these best sellers looking quite different these days.  It’s a lot less clothes right now and it’s a lot more home items and skincare.  Hey, that’s ok–it’s a sign of the times.  We’ll eventually get to get out of our homes and wear normal outfits again, and when we do, I’ll be here for you!  For now, let’s focus on steaming our pores and hardwood floors.  (And check out my curated Amazon storefront here)

Bissel Steam Mop – I’m sorry if you’re sick of this–it’s just that it has yet again been the top seller on my blog analytics for two months in a row.  Honestly, I’m blown away by all the feedback and messages from you all saying how much you love it, too.  It’s been a lifesaver at my house!  It’s currently back in stock at Walmart (where I bought it) and also available at Amazon.

Sephora Overnight Glow Mask ($16)- I’ve only used this once (my Sephora order JUST got here after taking over 3 weeks!) but it’s interesting because  you leave it on overnight.  It’s not quite as immediate as Tata Harper’s resurfacing mask but my face WAS very smooth when I woke up.  Great price and I will keep testing it.

Target Opalhouse wastebasket – Bought this for my office and it’s beautiful and functional.  And only $20!

Tan-Luxe The Face tanning drops – Been using these for two years–subtle and great for the face.  I use a few drops with my moisturizer at night!  The bottle lasts FOREVER.

AGOLDE jeans – AGOLDE jeans are a perpetual favorite in my closet.  These are flattering and a little different. with the destroyed hem.

Gua Sha set  – An inexpensive amazon buy.  I’ve been doing this nightly for 1-2 minute and my face is less puffy!  (I looked up YouTube videos)

Amazon sunglasses – Another repeat from last month.  Honestly, they’re $13 and look like they’re $130.

Supergoop! CC Cream – Been buying this since 2015; it’s my foundation most days and I love it.  

Everlane cotton jumpsuit – Been living in this at home when I want to get out of loungewear; it’s luxe cotton and super comfortable!

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