H&M Sweater Haul

Last fall, I shared a handful of inexpensive sweaters from H&M and you guys LOVED IT.  I think it was my most popular post for the fall!  I mean, I totally get it.  H&M sweaters look luxe, have a cozy hand, and won’t break the bank.  Some of my favorite sweaters in my closet are H&M and I find myself reaching for them just as much as my much more expensive Vince sweaters.  I think why they’re so good is because the fit is always on point; they’re perfectly oversized or just the right crop and always come in a slew of neutrals.  You can’t resist an H&M sweater–or, at least, I can’t.  And fine, I also ordered one blazer.

Oversized knit turtleneck sweater, $34 (wearing S) – This sweater is the bees knees–so oversized (really, it runs big) but it’ll look so cute with leather leggings and will still work when my stomach gets huge.

Knit skirt, $29 (wearing S) – LOVE a co-ord set…how chic is this with the oversized sweater?!

Checked blazer, $49 (wearing 2) – A great buy for under $50; not as great at the one/third tweed blazer that’s dropping (hint) but a solid, well-constructed blazer for certain!

Knit turtleneck sweater, $29 (wearing S)  – I love this spicy, reddish brown.  It’s a nice, slightly cropped style and the hand is soft.

Chenille sweater, $29 (wearing S) – I’m not a huge chenille fan; I can’t decide if it’s like a super absorbent towel or a chic fabric.  The cut of this sweater is great and it looks good on but I’m not sold on chenille.

Jacquard-knit sweater, $29 (wearing S) – Wooo boy, this sweater is a nice weight (nothing cheap about it) and how great is that buffalo check?

fall sweaters h&m sweater haul
sweater / skirt / Vince boots (shop more Vince here)
fall sweaters h&m sweater haul
sweater / Paige jeans (shop more Paige here) / Marc Fisher boots (shop more booties here)
fall blazer outfit
blazer (shop more blazers here) / Paige jeans / Chanel flats (shop more flats here)
fall sweaters h&m sweater haul
sweater, Paige jeans, Senreve bag (shop more Senreve here), Marc Fisher booties 
fall sweaters h&m sweater haul
sweater / jeans / booties / bag



  1. You read my mind—I was just wishing you’d put one of these out! You are so good at sifting through, what I find, an overwhelming site! Excited to get my order.

    • They hold up well! Currently wearing a sweater from last year as I do some work this am and the sweater is a bit pill-y around the sleeve cuffs, but it seems to pill just as much as my Vince sweaters. Nothing crazy!

  2. Didn’t know where to put this but I was wondering if you would speak honestly about Moto jacket as compared to a BlankNYC faux leather jacket I had seen you recommend before. I am thinking of adding a Moto jacket to my wardrobe this fall and can see how the weight difference would suit different weather conditions. p/s I live in the Midwest. And I love the gold buttons but am wondering how I can justify two Moto jackets. 😉 The price difference is also a consideration.

    Thank you!

    • Hi! Do you mean the upcoming moto jacket from one/third? Ours is going to be mid-weight crepe; when we designed it, we envisioned something four season (sort of like our jacket 01) that you can wear atop an outfit when there’s a chill, but when it’s super cold, you can layer it under your winter coat and still be able to move 😉 . But it would also work just as easily for a coat for someone in a warm-weather climate because it’s so lightweight. It’s great for travel and packing (because it’s soft and light!). BlankNYC makes a great jacket at a great price–I have always felt that theirs are pretty lightweight too, but unfortunately, I have never seen their faux leather products so I can’t speak to them! Ours will retail for $139.

      • Genevieve Englert says:

        I just wanted to add how much *I* appreciated your response to a difficult question. It really lends to how you guys have thought through the purpose of your jackets in our closets and its flexibility. They aren’t just trying to copy the latest trend or even a classic design. They merge function with beauty. I hope the Moto jacket and future jackets gets launched with similar success as the Jacket 01! Can’t wait for it to be featured in Shop your closet!

  3. That knit sweater skirt combo is incredible! I’m eight months pregnant and it’s slimming, chic and comfortable!!!!! It’s miraculous! Thank you so much for high-lightening it!

  4. This might seem silly, but I’m having a difficult time choosing between suede pumps/booties and leather pumps/booties. Over the past few years, I’ve chosen leather, especially when purchasing lighter colors. But I noticed that you often choose suede, even with lighter colors. May I ask why that is your preference? Maybe you just simply like the aesthetic? I did notice that there’s a difference when I look at your photos, and I really love the look, but can’t quite put my finger on what makes it so appealing in particular. Also, my thoughts are that leather pumps may be more well-suited for work, but I guess that I really don’t know that either. I feel like I need to be seriously schooled on when to wear suede vs leather.

    • I definitely lean towards suede; funny that you mention it because I didn’t really realize I did it. My guess is that I like the texture–suede always looks luxe, no matter what (to me). I do have leather boots/booties, though!

      As for why I choose lighter colors, it’s probably because I like the contrast between the light colored boots and the dark pants that I usually wear in the winter. Keeps things interesting! I’d rather have my shoes pop than blend in.

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