Shop Your Closet: The Silk Cami

how to style a silk cami

Do you know why I love the #shopyourclosetseries? (Please note that the hashtag has not caught on yet…someday.) I love it because it reminds me of old school blogging.  Back before everyone was trying sell something, all day, all the time.  Yes, I have partnerships where I really hope people will buy things (because I work with brands that I think are either cool, innovative, already buy in my everyday life, and want to support). And yes, I share links of clothing I own and if you purchase it using my link–amazing–thank you so much (because I truly appreciate it), but if you’re reading here, I hope you know that I really do love talking, sharing, and documenting all things personal style. Fashion has been my hobby for as long as I can remember.  I can’t sew (much to my mother’s chagrin, who is a top-notch seamstress), but I can style and re-invent items  I’m not that fashion forward, but I know proportions and I know that my style can often translate to so many different body types.  I hope my site and instagram leave you feeling inspired, like, “hey, I can do that because I have that in my closet!”

When I started blogging, it wasn’t what the cool kids were doing.  It was something I hid from my friends because I didn’t want them to know I started putting photos of myself on the internet because 1.) what if no one read it? or even worse 2.) what if nothing ever came of it?  It certainly wasn’t a career path and there wasn’t even instagram so there was no becoming “instagram famous.”  I have no interest in the latter, BUT I did create my blog to get a foot in the door of the fashion industry; I didn’t know how I, a 25 year old working in finance, was going to make the career switch…so I started writing about it at night and on weekends– documenting things, and eventually taking photos of myself showcasing my personal style.  This whole rant is a long way of saying THANK YOU.  Thank you for all the messages on instagram saying how much you love this series.  Not only is it fun for me, but I’m pleased as punch that you love it, too.  (Hopefully, you also enjoy my little quips and jokes along the way.)  Truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this journey and allowing me to do what I love–even if it’s just an outfit mirror selfie.

Back to the topic at hand!  I’m wearing this gem of a top: the Everlane clean silk cami.  I’ve owned this top for about two years now and it has held up so well!  Since it’s silk you can wash on delicate, hang dry, and then steam out the wrinkles, OR dry clean it (I prefer that method with my silks).  It’s such a great layering piece but I also love wearing it on its own during the hot summer months.  Camis, by nature, are a little sexy, right?  So I like to offset it with wide pants or a boyfriend jean–and I love tucking it in.  And I received a ton of questions about what bra to wear with the cami–I recommend a strapless bra and during the summer I live in this Amazon bra (it’s only $7).  I used to buy a NuBra every season, and while it’s great, it also sets you back $35.

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how to style a silk cami

Everlane cami, old Leith pants (similar here), Celine bag, Parme Marin shoes

  • Thanks so much for sharing your heart in this post! I’ve been feeling that “SELL SELL SELL!” pressure from the blogging norms lately and this post definitely shocked me back into focus of why I started this in the first place! To share fashion! Not sell things! I’m in finance as well and my blog is my creative outlet that I hope to one day make a career!

    How 2 Wear It []

  • I truly love the shop your closet series for the very reason you said – it inspires because I already have similar items in my own closet. Keep ’em coming!! Also – THANK YOU for the bra recc. I’ve always struggled with that under camis.

  • These are my FAVORITE types of posts! I am trying to thrift/purchase secondhand most of my clothes as part of my effort to be sustainable, and these post give me so many great ideas.

    And could you link to the Amazon $7 strapless bra? I’m not seeing a link and I could use that bra for sure!

  • I am so glad I discovered your blog recently! I love that you make fashion achievable and do it in a way that is polished but seemingly effortless! Obsessed with this Everlane Cami, and would also love the Amazon bra recommendation link if you have it! I plan on wearing lots of tanks in the next couple months and I’m sure it will come in handy!

  • Hi Anna! New follower here- I just found your instagram and now blog and I have to say you are a blogger I will want to always follow! I look for the inspiration like these how to wear pieces multiple ways as realistically we can’t buy new clothes all the time. So THANK YOU for this series as well as obviously some great suggestions on clothing 😉 I am about to sit down to go through past blog posts to get ideas for outfits ha! LOVE your style!!! Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah! Welcome! And thank you so much for the kind words. You’ll be seeing the same items a LOT on the blog but I’ve been operating that way for many years now, so I hope it’s both helpful and enjoyable 🙂 . Thanks for being here!

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