My New Bag: The Goyard Anjou GM

mom style goyard anjou
The Real Real is a great place to get an authentic Goyard! // Also wearing an Evereve top, Sanctuary pants (on sale!), The Greats sneakers, Ray Ban sunglasses

A Goyard tote has been on my list for awhile.  I’m not carrying THAT much stuff around for my kids anymore and I wanted an unstructured carry-all that I could carry to meetings while not feeling like it’s too formal for preschool pickup.  I knew I wanted to buy it abroad–the exchange rate in London (and the rest of Europe) is pretty good for us Americans right now.  In London, you can get the 20% VAT tax back which is a pretty good chunk of change (over $400!) when you’re buying a designer good.  If you’re looking for a Goyard specifically, Paris is probably the place to buy it; some of the prices are the least expensive there and with the current exchange rate, it’s the best deal.  Anyway, so, I went for it–and I also ended with up with a different bag than I intended: the Goyard Anjou.

I originally intended to purchase the Goyard St. Louis GM – the basic tote that comes in a million colors.  Then I saw the Anjou–she definitely cost more but it’s reversible, so I felt like it was a two-fer (two for one).  Did I mention she’s reinforced with lather seams?  But the fact that you could reverse it into a leather bag is what ultimately sold me. I love how the Goyard print looks on the inside when you reverse it–and I was sold by the tan and white tones.  I bought the GM size, which is the largest and it is truly a carry-all.

So there it is–I took the plunge and have no regrets; I’ve carried her a ton since I returned back from London.  If there’s any other bags you’d like me to review, let me know–I love my bags! (Click here for my 3-Day London Guide)

mom style goyard anjou review mom style goyard anjou review mom style goyard anjou



  1. I’ve been thinking about getting this same bag. Is the reversible leather side soft or hard leather? Do think it will be damaged by using as a work bag?

    • The inside is pretty soft leather but it hasn’t been easily scratched, if that makes sense; mine has gotten some stains on the leather since I throw all my stuff in it but luckily, it’s been easy to clean and comes right off!

  2. Hi, how did you get the 20%vat back in London all I heard the max you can get is about 12% with credit card purchase and about 10% with cash purchase. Thanks.

    • Hmmm, I never saw anything about 12 or 10%….I processed the VAT at the airport on my way home and received the VAT back on my card a few months later–I don’t remember if it was the full 20% exactly but it was quite close to that. It might depend on the retailer, honestly, but they should be up front about it. The Goyard staff just told me to process it at the airport (it was so easy and took two minutes), so I did!

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