How I Wear Sneakers with Jeans + Meet Everlane Tread

sneakers with jeans everlane tread
outfit 1:  Everlane blazer, Everlane tank, Everlane chinos, Everlane sneakers (available TODAY) // outfit 2: Everlane blazer, Everlane tank, Everlane cheeky jeans, Everlane sneakers, Ray Ban sunglasses

You already know I’m a huge fan of Everlane.  They’re a favorite partner of mine and they continue to amaze me with their dedication to the environment.  Last fall, I worked with them on their ReNew line, which was outerwear made entirely of recycled plastic bottles.  Today, they launch another important initiative–Everlane Tread, which is dedicated to creating a high-quality sneaker with zero carbon footprint.  Sneakers are notorious for being made of items that are terrible for our Earth (rubber, virgin plastic).  I really commend Everlane and their efforts to become a sustainable brand, especially as I don’t think that was even their intent when they launched years ago!  I think they saw a hole in the direct to consumer space for luxury items at opening price points and organically, they became pioneers in the fashion space highlighting their factories, fair wages, and most importantly, their own carbon footprint. It’s changing the game for retailers everywhere and I couldn’t be more proud to work with them.

So let’s talk about these sneakers: they’re on trend, COMFORTABLE, and cool-looking.  I like to pair my sneakers with regular casual wear so I’m wearing them here with a blazer and white pants.  It’s a slightly Miami Vice, very spring appropriate and a little unexpected–so I love it.  I’m always getting questions about how to incorporate sneakers into a non-athleisure outfit and honestly, all those rules have gone out the window, so I would pair this white pair with anything.  The key is to keep it slightly casual in the clothes department–and for some reason a jacket always helps me wear sneakers with jeans.  Also, it helps with the sneakers are solid colored (these also come in a few other colors like grey and pink).  Thank you to Everlane for continually pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion manufacturing and being good stewards of our planet.  These sneakers will take you miles but won’t affect your carbon footprint at all–and that’s really cool.

*Thanks to Everlane for sponsoring this post!

sneakers with jeans everlane tread sneakers with jeans everlane treadsneakers with jeans everlane treadsneakers with jeans everlane treadsneakers with jeans everlane tread



  1. Those shoes just look straight up like orthotics to me 🙄 I was at the Everlane store a few days ago and looking at the wall of Tread sneakers I was like GOD NO but if there’s anyone who can make them look cute it’s you ha. I know they probably didn’t just want to replicate other of the moment environmentally conscious shoes like Veja but do these shoes grow on you over time? What am I missing?

    • Ha! They’re definitely an acquired taste as they skew on the chunkier side–and that’s where the style is headed (have you seen the huge balenciaga sneakers? we can thank them 🙂 . I love a sleek, all-white sneaker, too but a few months ago I also picked up some old school Adidas Falcons–the same pair I had in jr high…chunky, all-white and oh so 90s, so I already committed to the ‘dad sneaker’ trend! They do grow on you, though…I’ve been wearing these and the Adidas with yoga pants and joggers and they’re pretty cute with skinny jeans, too!

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