Shop Your Closet: White Pants (Not Jeans!)

how to wear white pants to the office and casually
Star of the show: white pants that are perfect for work but don’t feel like you ONLY have to wear them to the office.

I’m playing catch up a bit here with the #shopyourclosetseries as this was live on instagram two weeks ago.  BUT, it’s always nice to have it on the blog in case you missed it or if you want to dig deeper into anything I’m wearing.  I have received a ton of requests to style white jeans (and I will!) but don’t forget about their more slightly older sister: the white pants (worn here).  You might look at them and think they’re only for the office, but come summer, I will be wearing these with a form-fitting earth-toned tank and sandals.  It’s just a bonus that they also look amazing for meetings.  Someone also asked me about the sheer factor and I thought this would be a great place to address is; they aren’t see-through but when you wear white pants, there’s always a hint of sheerness at play.  It’s something you learn to live with and even if you think people can see something–they can’t.  Just wear nude underwear (I always wear a Hanky Panky original rise thong in a color close to my skin tone)–you’ll be fine.

The next #shopyourcloset series goes live today, too.  Thanks so much, as always for watching them–I love doing them!

how to wear white pants to the office and casually
When in doubt, white it out…and add a suede jacket. // Equipment blouse, Intermix suede jacket, Sam Edelman heels, 1 State pants ($39 at the Rack–in a few sizes!)
how to wear white pants to the office and casually
It’s like a trench coat and white pants were made for each other. // Everlane trench (wearing a S), old Zara top, 1 State pants (similar here), Steve Madden heels
how to wear white pants to the office and casually
White and yellow isn’t the most obvious pairing, but it is the sunniest // Everlane sweater, 1 State pants, Everlane slingbacks



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