Chicago Food Favorites, Part II (See Jane Eat)

Two summers ago, I gave recommendations of my favorite Chicago restaurants and thought I’d share some new places.  Just like last time, I included restaurants in various neighborhoods around the city.  Also, be sure to check out my instagram, too, as I often tag the restaurants where I eat.

Best steakhouse: Bavettes Bar + Beouf (a great place even for a non-beef eater!)
Best doughnuts: Stan’s Donuts (bonus: they have delicious coffee)
Best patio: Parsons Chicken + Fish (sorry, Big Star–I can’t deal with your four hour wait times anymore; Parson’s only has a TWO hour wait)
Best pizza: Spacca Napoli (I still love Piece but if I want true, Italian pizza, go to Spacca Napoli)
Best gelato: Black Dog (go for the unique flavors; I love the goat cheese cashew!)
Best cheap eats: L’Patron Tacos (tips: pick it up to go. the veggie burrito is the best I’ve had. and order the guacamole + chips)
Best group dinner: Cho Sun Ok (It’s the most delicious Korean BBQ I’ve had outside of LA and yes, the waitresses are brusque, but it’s all in good fun)
Best dessert: Bang Bang Pie Shop (The key lime pie is so good, I’d eat it for breakfast)
Best Chinese: Lao Sze Chaun (Must head to Chinatown for the best–and Lao Sze Chaun is delicious)
Best kale salad: Siena Tavern (I had to include something healthy on here, although, I’m not sure it’s considered healthy seeing as how delicious it is.  Their meatball is also amazing)

I’ve lived in this fair city for seven years now, so if you want any other lists (i.e. beauty, bars, shopping, baby friendly) let me know!


  1. can you link to your first list? I don't see categories on the blog and not sure where it would be. I also would love to know about fave home stores that aren't too pricey. Thanks

  2. Perfect timing as I'll be in Chicago tomorrow. We're actually going straight from the airport to Siena Tavern (my boyfriend lived in Chicago until recently and its his favorite) and Bavette's on Thrusday. I'm going to hunt down the gelato and hopefully grab some pizza at Spacca Napoli.
    Thank you!

  3. Jane, thank you for the recommendations! I've lived here for years but never really explored and I love exploring places through food. These will be on my list, for sure.

  4. I would love a listing of beauty spots in Chicago – where to go for haircuts and styling, facials, massage, makeup, etc.! I'm new to Chicago from NYC and have no idea where to start!

  5. Yes, more lists, please! I pride myself on trying new places but haven't been to half of these! Going to Bang Bang Pie Shop for some key lime pie on my next walk to the L; pie is like breakfast, right? 😉

  6. SO with you on bang bang, stan's and l'patron! i'll have to check out some of your other suggestions. i always opt for scooter's over black dog, but now you're tempting me to check it out!

  7. Love Chicago. Everytime we go, at last count, 8 times, we go to Topolobampo. Best haute-Mexican in the US, maybe the world.

  8. LOVE Spacca! I'd love to hear your favorite beauty products, esp. hair-related b/c you're hair always looks so healthy.


  9. LOVE Spacca! I'd love to hear your favorite beauty products, esp. hair-related b/c your hair always looks so healthy.


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