Jerome (See Jane’s Puppy)

passed out + flipped ear

I’m having a total ‘proud mom’ moment and want to give you all a little glimpse of our newest addition.  It’s our first english bulldog, but my love for them runs deep. My heart is just bursting for this little guy and I’m sure you’ll see him pop up on the blog from time to time.  We had a great first weekend together and I’m already excited to watch him grow!

bad to the bone.

And in case anyone is well-versed in Pittsburgh football, yes, he is named after Jerome “the Bus” Bettis (one of Eric’s idols).


  1. omg im completely obsessed with your brindle baby bully. i have an english bulldog too her name is chloe and we love her so much. love those little mugs! congrats, mama!

  2. You are quite the lucky gal! I've begged my mom for an english bull dog for the duration of high school, but I never got one. Recently, I just learned that my boyfriend hates them, so I may NEVER have one! I guess I'll live vicariously through your pictures. What a cutie the pup is 🙂


  3. @Anon – we got Jerome from a reputable breeder a few hours outside Chicago (the breeder required us meeting her before considering letting get him, which is awesome); while I 100% support adopting (my sister adopted her dog from a rescue), english bulldogs are difficult to rescue in Chicago as CEBR (as it's called) generally requires prior english bulldog experience as a pre-req (they are a high maintenance breed). Once I learn more about this breed (from raising Jerome) I would love to rescue/save one from CEBR! 🙂

  4. Anna he is just adorable!! I have a French Bulldog and I love him the most too! I hope you are not bothered by snoring, grunting, farting and the occassional belch because they will happen. Enjoy your new puppy bulldogs are the best!!

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