Pop of Blush (See Jane Wear)

DL1961 jeans (shop white jeans here), JOA sweater (shop JOA here), J Crew coat (also here and factory version here), Halogen booties (shop brown booties here), old scarf (similar and shop pink scarves here), YSL bag

White jeans in winter–you all get my campaign by now (I’m not being paid by The White Jeans of America Association, I promise.  I just really feel the need to keep it fresh during the doldrums of winter).  I’ll stop beating a dead horse, but I want to be sure I’ve convinced you that you can also pull it off.


  1. I love winter whites! Question: I always see it in skinny pant form; do flares work?? I feel like they don't, but I'm not sure why. Is it playing catch-up with blue/black denim flares coming back in?

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