Cheap Beauty Favorites Under $10 (See Jane Save)

drugstore beauty favorites, cheap beauty products

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these and I forgot how fun it is to share tried and true products.  Disclaimer:  I am NOT a beauty connoisseur; I stick to what I like and while I enjoy the occasional splurge, sometimes I can’t stomach spending a lot on most beauty products.  Here are some tried and true products that I stand behind.  I’d love to hear about some of your cheap favorites, too!

L’oreal tan towels – I tried the original ‘tan towels’ and liked them fine but once a friend recommended the $8 L’oreal version, I never went back.  They’re a 1/3 of the price and work exactly the same.
Tweezerman eyelash curler – Ok, fine, you caught me.  This is the one item on the list that’s not under $10–I found mine for $12 when I left my ‘better’ (or $25) eyelash curler at a hotel one weekend.  This works just as well.
CeraVe facial cleanser – I keep this in the shower and use it with my Clarisonic (which is NOT under $10, but worth the investment for exfoliation).
TJ shaving cream – I bought this shaving cream on a whim at Trader Joe’s one afternoon and I will never buy another again.  It’s thick, not too fragrant and makes my legs silky smooth.  Plus, it doesn’t irritate the excema spot on my leg – so win/win!
Sonia Kashuk gel eye liner – Love my girl, Sonia.  I can’t resist her stuff when I get lost in the abyss that is Target.  I picked some of this up after my MAC eyeliner gel was out and eventually was like, “MAC who?!”
L’oreal voluminous mascara – I’ve tried expensive mascaras here and there but I always go back to this one.  If you like to layer on the coats – this one is for you.  It makes my lashes look fluffy and full.
Sonia Kashuk ‘classic red’ lipstick – I don’t know why, but I have a really hard time splurging on lipstick.  Maybe because it never lasts all day on me and I tend to lose them in my bags.  But this is a great red–not too orangey and not too pink–and under $10.
Neutrogena body oil – I’ve been using this forever; I started when oil was still a bad word–now we wear them our faces.  I love the light scent and how it looks on your legs when you have a summer glow.

TJ face wash – For awhile I used a cleanser that a facialist recommended me; the one caveat was that it was $30.  She did say that for my skin type (normal to oily), I should be using something that doesn’t make my face feel too tight afterwards and this one from Trader Joe’s is perfect.  No cleanser will ever make me oil-free, but perhaps that will keep the wrinkles at bay!

Queen Helene clay face mask – Long live the queen!  This was also a recommendation from a facialist and whoa–it’s good.  If your skin is in the least bit greasy, try this out–it truly draws the dirt out of your pores.  I used this religiously before my wedding when I was trying to attain picture-perfect skin–it worked.

Ok, spill it.  Tell me your cheap beauty favorites!


  1. 1. Ponds cold cream. I started using a double-cleanse method a few months ago–I've tried a bunch of different cleansing oils/balms and honestly the best thing is plain old Ponds. I massage it on my dry face and then work on my eyes before wiping it away with a hand-hot wash cloth. It just melts everything away. Then I follow with a more foamy cleanser.

    2. Drugstore brand Cetaphil cleanser–the gentle skin cleanser, not the daily skin cleanser. The daily skin cleanser has a strong smell and is very lathery and I've had allergic reactions to it! But the gentle skin cleanser is perfect for washing your face in the morning.

    3. It's not at any drug stores near me, but I like Thayer's witch hazel–the rose kind. It's like $8 at our natural foods co-op.

  2. hi! Mascara I love lash sensational by maybelline; maybelline color tattoo in bad to the bronze; maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark circles; revlon colorburst balm stains (I have many colors and they have matte too); not technically drugstore but I like Mary Kay Timewise moisturizer with SPF 30 it's still really reasonably priced; also not drugstore exactly but I like the Mary Lou manizer highlighter which is also not a bad price… I think that's most of my drugstore stuff, but let me know if you want other stuff too!

  3. Hi Anna,

    I love this post! Thanks for the great reccomendations on the drugstore beauty buys. Quick question for you – do you use the L'oreal tan towels on your face? If so, does it work well on that skin? I'm in a wedding in couple weeks, so I thought I'd ask. Would love your feedback 🙂 Thanks!


  4. Dove sensitive skin beauty bars, Essie nail polish, Cerave Foaming Cleanser, Maybelline Fit Me concealer and pressed powder. Will try those Sonia products – the lipstick looks beautiful.

  5. @Monica Danielle – I do! I just use the towel on my face last (after I use it on my limbs and chest area) so it's a little weaker, as I can always make a fake tan on my face with bronzer 🙂

  6. Hi Anna! Love your blog and instagram. My kind of humor, and I'm pregnant with my first so I love seeing photos of your adorable baby boy 🙂 Favorite drugstore buys are: 1) Neutrogena healthy volume mascara- it almost makes your lashes look feathery; 2) Carmex. I can't live without Carmex!

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  9. I love this post! Thanks for the great reccomendations on the drugstore beauty buys. Quick question for you – do you use the L’oreal tan towels on your face? If so, does it work well on that skin? I’m in a wedding in couple weeks, so I thought I’d ask. Would love your feedback 🙂 Thanks!

    • I do! I use it at the end of the towel, though–once it’s mostly been rubbed off on my body – that way, I can use bronzer to complete the tan.

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