Greek Pita With Tzatziki (See Jane Cook)

I love to cook–that should come to no surprise.  However, sometimes (particularly on weeknights) I need a simple and quick meal that takes little effort.  Once a pita is in the equation, the possibilities are endless; you stuff just about anything in them (take that as you will).

The chicken pita part is easy enough–no recipe needed.  I simply seasoned a chicken breast with salt, pepper, and cayenne (I love spicy), cooked it, chopped it, and stuffed it into a whole-wheat pita with arugula, tomatoes, feta cheese, and this tzatziki sauce.  Honestly, don’t even make this if you aren’t going to make the tzatziki–it’s too good to pass up.  Tip:  if you can handle it, add some sriracha sauce to the tazatziki to continue on the spicy path! 

greek yogurt + olive oil = the beginning of tzatziki
one half down, one half to go

What’s your go-to weeknight meal?


  1. Oh this looks delicious. I don't cook much, but one of the weeknight meals I love it's called Migas. It's more of a Mexican breakfast food, but I love it. Just a few tortillas cut in small pieces, one egg and some spicy salsa and I am a happy girl.

  2. yum! i looove tzatziki sauce. it's so good. my favorite go-to weeknight meals are roasted veggies served with some type of lean chili (turkey or chicken) or grilled protein. easy and quick!

  3. That looks so delicious. I love to cook as well but sometimes it can be hard on the weeknights! simple cooked meals after work are definitely the way to go.

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  4. Looks super yummy……I love pitas and tortillas. If I need a quick snack I put a tortilla right over the gas flame on the stove to brown it up…spray butter, a little cinnamon and sugar and I have a quick, healthy snack…

  5. I've never made my own tzatziki, but that sounds fabulous! I love anything stuffed in a pita too and I'm always looking for quick, easy weeknight meals. I'm going to have to try this!

  6. YUM, my mom used to make pita sandwiches for me when I was in highschool… I need to start buying the ingredients and making them myself! I could eat Greek food everyday.

  7. This looks so good! (Minus the chicken for this Vegetarian.) My go-to weeknight meal would probably be Mac & Cheese. Isn't that horrible? I hate to cook! But I only have Mac & Cheese when I'm busy and/or if we're running out of food and need to go grocery shopping.

  8. oo i love tzatziki! my go to meal especially in the spring and summer is cayenne rubbed chicken with an avacado, red onion, lime salsa/relish…so easy and yummy!

  9. My dad loooooves tzatziki sauce! He puts it on gyros. I think my favorite fast meal goes a little like this: I grill a chicken breast, and put all the vegetables I can in the pan, sort of like a stir fry. I just mix it all up and eat it! when I'm extra hungry, sometimes I just make spaghetti in addition!

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