My Layering Philosophy

I always receive questions about layering and I had to really noodle on what my hard and fast rules are.  I’ve lived in a four-season climate my whole life and I’m no stranger to layers, but to articulate it, rather than just show it, proved a little difficult.  So I looked back at past photos, […]

Shop Your Closet: The Camel Coat

Welcome back to Shop Your Closet!  I received a lot of suggestions to style a camel coat.   Sure, it’s an outerwear a piece and you may just think of it as a coat that’s completely separate from your outfit.  However, I think of my coats as part of the entire outfit.  A camel coat is […]

Coldest Day On Record in Chicago + How You Can Help

I’m all about trying to stay fashionable in the winter weather, but if I’m being honest, some days, there’s no use trying.  If you’re in the midwest, you know that this week is about to be brutal.  Reports are saying it could be the coldest day on record in Chicago–that’s insane!  This is not a […]

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Shop Your Closet: A Moto Leather Jacket

Welcome back to the ‘Shop Your Closet’ series!  This week I am showing you how I style a graphite/grey moto leather jacket three ways.  A little background on this piece: it’s an IRO jacket I snagged from a fall friends & family sale (so it was probably 30% off retail) in the fall of 2016 […]

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