Transition From the City to the Suburbs: Part II – An Update

We’ve been in the suburbs for nine months now and in some ways, it’s felt like forever.  In other ways, it’s only been a minute and I sometimes want to drive “home” to our condo in Wicker Park when I’m in the city.  I wrote this post about why we left the city here, but […]

BRB (See Jane Move)

I’m in the process of moving and will see you all when I return (and when I finally get internet) next week!  Once our new house gets in order, I’ll try and share some snippets on instagram.  In the meantime, don’t forget about my Henri Bendel giveaway that ends next week.

Moving Day Part II (See Jane Uproot)

My boyfriend and I finally moved into my our apartment last night and I can barely keep my eyes open.  I have mounds upon mounds of boxes at home, just waiting to be unpacked.  Needless to say, my postings will be sparse this week (and I won’t have internet until Thursday).  However, I cannot wait […]

Moving Day Part I (See Jane Uproot)

I have to move to my boyfriend’s apartment for a couple weeks before we move into our new place.  Seeing as I have only packed one box (because I had to empty out a dresser I sold on craigslist), today is dedicated to all that is packing.  My lovely and generous sister came into town […]