Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips and Thoughts (That You Won’t Get Anywhere Else)

Phew, these mirrors were dirty.  But let’s ignore those for a minute because I scoped out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale RIGHT when early access opened and it was extremely picked over.  I have a feeling the people with more status and the personal stylists got access to a lot of the stuff I was eyeing.  […]

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Six Investment Pieces, Budget Buys, and Five Random Products I Swear By

Investment Basics (That You’ll Wear For Years) Avec Les Filles Wool-Blend Coat – I have two Avec Les Filles coats from last year and they’re solid choices.  This bright red is sure to cheer you up this winter–it’s chic with denim, black, dresses–anything!  I am a first believer that you can wear a red coat […]

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Should I Enter the World of Clear Aligners? My Consult Experience with Candid

Raise your hand if you had braces growing up (clear aligners weren’t a thing yet). *raises both hands because my teeth were pretty messed up*  Raise your hand if your orthodontic experiences were traumatic. *raises both hands because, oh my gosh, I HATED THE ORTHODONTIST*  Raise your hand if your teeth have shifted and moved, […]

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losing a pet

In Memoriam: Jerome “Biggie” Wisniewski

Sometimes I wonder why we do this to ourselves.  We get these beloved pets well knowing that they will likely pass away before we do.  When they do pass, they take a little piece of our soul with them.  Losing a pet is painful; this is all still so fresh.  Out of habit, I went […]