best etsy jewelry shops

Best Etsy Jewelry Shops

I’m so hot and cold with Etsy.  Sometimes, I’m obsessed with it and can’t stop looking; then I have dry spells and kind of forget about it for awhile.  Well, around the holidays I got back into the obsession because Etsy jewelry is amazing and so many shops are perfect for personalized jewelry.  There are […]

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How I Use CBD Products

I started my CBD journey this past March when a local company Equilibria Women sent me some of their CBD products.  Eric was pumped–he had been wanting to try them.  I, on the other hand, was skeptical.  While I know CBD isn’t necessarily marijauna, there is a connection and I’ve never been fond of it […]

Last Three Books I Read

Ok, full transparency, I actually LISTENED to these because I have an Audible addiction.  But I started this conversation the other day on instagram stories because I wondered if people considered an audiobook reading.  So, are audiobooks really books?  I realize it’s not the traditional reading in the sense that your eyes are on paper, […]

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The 10 Best Things I Bought in 2019

I’ll most likely soon share what YOU all loved and bought this year that was highlighted on my blog but not everything I consume makes it on here.  I wanted to show what my personal favorites were in 2019; they got a lot of use or wear–some were bought long ago and some are more […]

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