Celebrating Women’s History Month with M.M.LaFleur

M.M.LaFleur has impeccable workwear It’s one of those companies that I sincerely wish was around when I was working in corporate American a little under a decade ago.  It has the whole working woman uniform figured out to a tee and here’s why: Finding chic yet business appropriate clothing was such a bear! (see what […]

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Real Outfit Recap

Been awhile since we did a real outfit recap!  There’s so many outfits to be seen!  This series really shone (shined?) when I was working a traditional 9-5 job, but I think these days it’s more interesting because no two days are the same for me.  Sometimes, I have events, sometimes, I work from home.  […]

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How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

Once you’re in the doldrums of winter it can be hard to feel inspired by your closet.  You feel like you’re on repeat–the same boots and jeans or dress and coat every day.  But these closet staples don’t have to be boring; you can feel inspired again and I can show you how to wear […]

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shopbop spring picks

Shopbop Spring Sale (What I Bought & What I Already Own)

Shopbop Spring Sale It’s that time of year!  This sale is the time when you can save up to 25% at Shopbop with code SPRING.  Because Shopbop is one of my favorite retailers, I bought a bunch of stuff for our upcoming trip with month (if we even get to go due to all the […]

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