Recent H&M Items and a Few Sales

Did you catch my instagram stories yesterday?  You all love my H&M try-ons (they’re pretty small…I don’t want to overwhelm anyone) and they’re actually running a sale for just today.  I wanted to share a few items plus a handful of sales from around the web (including some stuff I currently own!).  Enjoy! H&M – […]

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Foundations of a Classic Wardrobe

People always ask (and I’m always willing to share) how I built my wardrobe.  They ask how am I still wearing  things I bought years ago.  Or they ask how I decide what will be good for the long haul.  Well, it’s a little bit luck and a little bit strategic.  Also, I know I’ve […]

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best etsy jewelry shops

Best Etsy Jewelry Shops

I’m so hot and cold with Etsy.  Sometimes, I’m obsessed with it and can’t stop looking; then I have dry spells and kind of forget about it for awhile.  Well, around the holidays I got back into the obsession because Etsy jewelry is amazing and so many shops are perfect for personalized jewelry.  There are […]

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after christmas sales

Best Post-Christmas Sales

Post-Christmas sale time! Personally, it’s my favorite time of year to shop.  It’s that special season where you can buy IN-SEASON clothes for a fraction of the retail price.  Why? Because retailers are getting rid of everything they over-bought in time for spring, which is actually months away.  It’s my favorite time of year to […]

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