Sustainable Fashion with EILEEN FISHER

I think sustainability is taking on a whole new meaning during this pandemic crisis.  I’m trying to reduce waste as much as possible, whether it’s related to groceries (to avoid unnecessary trips).  The proof is, sadly, that the Earth is benefitting from this time of quarantine; water and air is cleaner and there’s less pollution.  I know that life will go back to normal again, but I really think there will be a mindset shift in how we treat our planet.  Sustainability will take center stage.  And EILEEN FISHER has been one of the pioneers in the sustainable fashion space.

EILEEN FISHER has made the switch to sustainable fibers; that means tencel instead of viscose, regenerative wool, and organic linen.  This whole EILEEN FISHER outfit is comprised of organic linen (I loooove linen) which means there are no harmful chemicals, but in addition, there’s further impact because the linen is grown in rotation with food crops, like wheat.  It’s comforting to know that the fashion you support and wear also has a positive impact on the Earth and that the brand is serious about that stewardship.  I think we’ll continue to see a lot of brands move in this direction as the world recovers from this awful pandemic.  And in the meantime, we can all look to a brand like EILEEN FISHER to lead the charge.

A few more EILEEN FISHER linen pieces that’ve caught my eye:

*Thanks to EILEEN FISHER for sponsoring this post!

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