A Little More Spanx Leggings Inspiration For You

I Love Mr. Mittens sweater, Everlane poplin shirt, SPANX faux leather leggings, Everlane loafers, Clare V bag, 

Remember when I came back to you with my tail between my legs about the SPANX faux-leather leggings?  Look, I was WRONG.  I love mine and I’ve worn them a lot since I nabbed them last fall.  But are you lacking inspiration when it comes to wearing your Spanx leggings?  There are so many ways to wear them and while I like to keep my leggings-wearing mostly on the casual side,  you can absolutely give them a good dress up, as well.  For not your “average” Spanx leggings inspiration, here are some tips:

  • Find your chunkiest sweater and some loafers and poof! Insta-chic.
  • Go faux leather on faux leather–it weirdly works.
  • Wear some ladylike ballet flats and a structured camel coat if you want to fanc-ify your Spanx.
  • Hiking boots, Spanx, and a fleece turtleneck?!  Yup, it works.
  • Pair with a faux fur jacket and you’ve got date night Spanx!
Bagatelle NYC faux leather jacket, Anine Bing sweatshirt, SPANX faux leather leggings, Greats sneakers
Everlane ReWool camel coat, H&M sweater (wearing a M), Everlane poplin button-down shirt, SPANX faux leather leggings, Chanel ballet flats
MKT studio teddy coat (similar), Dudley Stephens fleece turtleneck, SPANX faux leather leggings, Sol Sana combat boots
Soia & Kyo faux fur jacket, Everlane mock neck sweater, SPANX faux leather leggings, Everlane booties



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