Moto Jacket Style

shop one third moto style jacket 02
one/third jacket 02, Anine Bing tee (shop more AB here), old H&M skirt (psst, they brought it back in a new color way!), Tamara Mellon booties, Ray Ban sunglasses (shop more Ray Ban here), Polène bag (shop more bags here)

By the time the year is over, one/third will have released three styles–here is jacket 02, our moto jacket style.  Sometimes I think, ‘man, we need to pick it up,’ and other times, I’m like, ‘hey!  Not bad for a very new start-up.’  It’s a side hustle for now but obviously our goal is to grow it into a full-time business and some day even PAY ourselves (dream big, right?).  For now, it’s grind but we think we have something here–chic, tailored, wearable jackets for under $200. We released jacket 01 in April and we re-ordered due to a massive waitlist and it’s still in stock!  Jacket 02 released in late September and jacket 03 launches this week.

I think the biggest testament I can offer is that I actually wear all three styles quite often.  I have worn jacket 01 at least 100 times (I’m not kidding–I’ve had the sample for over a year), and since we received samples for jackets 02 + 03, I am always throwing them on.  I LOVE jackets–they make an outfit and the extra layer makes you look instantly pulled together.  I have a passion for jackets and I hope it’s obvious that I would want to launch a jacket company. 

We have a long way to go and a TON to learn, but it’s a lot of fun and I am excited to keep serving jackets to ladies across the USA (and hopefully, eventually abroad, too!).  Here’s a quick glimpse of the moto jacket 02 styled–I wore a version of this out to dinner with Eric on Saturday (we went to Duck Duck Goat, which was his belated birthday request).shop one third jacket 02 moto style midi skirt moto jacket midi skirt moto jacket midi skirt fall style



  1. I love the jacket! Especially how you have styled it! Unfortunately, I don’t have access to but your jackets just yet (I am from Ireland) but I am looking forward to one day getting my hands on some of your pieces! In the meantime, I’m going to try recreate this look with pieces I already have in my wardrobe! Thanks for the inspo! xx

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