Baby #3 is Coming!

studying that 12-week ultrasound

We’re having a baby!  It feels good to announce this finally; the first trimester seems to take forever and then the rest of the pregnancy usually flies.  It’s true–this baby is due in February and it will be our last child.  Some of you may know that I had a miscarriage about a year ago and I was very up in the air whether or not we should try again for that third kid (it was emotionally draining and I thought maybe it was a sign we should just be done). Well, here we are and it’s happening!

We don’t know the sex of the baby and I’m going to try VERY hard not to find out (if you know me, you might know this is extremely difficult as I hate surprises) but I have my reasons for not finding out before the birth.  The kids are excited; Harry knows what to expect and has been asking lots of questions and Teddy is kind of piecing it together.  I don’t think he will fully grasp it until my belly is really big. Either way, I think we’re all in for a lot of fun!   I am the youngest of four kids and loved the idea of a big family but knew, ultimately, that I couldn’t have four kids myself–I think three will be a great number for us!

And if you’re excited for maternity style this time around, I’m glad, because I am, too!  It should be an interesting coat season, to say the least.  (Check out past maternity styles here)

I swear, they're excited.


  1. Congratulations! I’m due in December and LOVE your style. Excited to see your maternity styles this time around as I am more of a recent follower.

  2. CONGRATS! We did not find out the sex of our most recent baby either and it was SO worth the surprise. You will not regret it! Good luck!

  3. So happy for you, Anna! I am almost 18 weeks with #2 after having a miscarriage earlier this year, but I’m already looking way huge (or at least that’s how it feels lol)!

  4. Congratulations! This is wonderful news! I will be curious to hear what you think about the age difference of #2 to #3. My first two are almost exactly two years apart but I’m starting to get the itch now that my second is almost 3. I wonder if it would make things slightly easier than a two year gap.

    • I’m HOPING the larger age gap between #2 and #3 will make things a little easier but we shall see. It’s funny that I was just thinking that my kids were in an ‘easy stage’ because they’re out of the baby stage and now we’re mixing it up again! ha

  5. Congratulations, Anna! I’m pregnant right now with my first baby and I had a miscarriage right before this pregnancy. It was so hard and I really appreciated your openness with sharing your experience. It helped me!

    Xoxo I hope you have a lovely and easy pregnancy!

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