The Perfect White Skirt (And Why It’s An Upgrade For Me)

everlane perfect white skirt patch pocket
Everlane jean jacket (wearing a small for an oversized fit), Everlane skirt, Everlane linen tank, Everlane bag, J Crew Factory sunglasses

I received a lot of requests for a white denim skirt for the next #shopyourclosetseries; well, ask and you shall receive.  I do have a traditional, white, denim mini skirt.  It has a raw, cut-off bottom and I like it but it’s a bit…how do you say–youthful.  I actually had the same exact same style of skirt in high school, which makes a 34 year old wonder, you know?  And just so you know, I’m in the camp that you should wear whatever makes you feel good and I’m certainly not anti-denim mini skirt, but when I saw this particular skirt from Everlane, I thought, ok, yes, that’s what I need to wear.  It’s chic–not just because it’s longer (and it IS longer) but because it’s high-waisted, slightly a-line and looks tailored.  And guess what, if you’re 14 or 54 you can wear this skirt.

It’s made of cotton twill, which is a lot like a denim (which is also the same material that my favorite pants, Everlane’s wide-leg crops are made of), but it looks slightly dressier.  I realize that not every office job would allow you to wear a skirt like this, but with the casualization of the workplace (and the American wardrobe), this skirt COULD be totally office appropriate this spring.  When I worked in finance a decade ago, I couldn’t wear this skirt to the office, however, with the way business casual has evolved, I bet you I could wear this to the office on a summer Friday with a silk button down and pointy toe flats.  I worked in fashion for six years after that and this skirt would be a staple for my office then–I’d wear it just like this or with flat sandals and a striped tee.  Check out my IG stories today as it was the featured item in this week’s #shopyourclosetseries and it will be on the blog next week!  (For length references, I’m 5’9″–Everlane’s website is helpful, too.)

*Thanks to Everlane for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Absolutely been loving the commentary you give in your instagram videos… just those little tibits like proportion of blazer to skirt helps me even if I’ll not be wearing a white denim skirt anytime soon. Lol

  2. Annie Knapp says:

    Was just looking for some inexpensive sunglasses to wear to Lolla when I saw this post! $14.50 on sale –BOOM, ordered! So cute!

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