Always Graphic Tees (Plus, Five Under $40)

Anine Bing tee (shop more AB here), old Gap belt (similar here), Paige denim culottes (also here), Louise et Cie shoes (on sale here), Chanel bag (shop more Chanel bags here)

When I was in high school, vintage graphic tees were all the rage.  We would go to a thrift store and find all the cool old tees we could find and wear them with our low-slung bootcut jeans.  Graphic tees never really go out but they get super popular every few years.  In college, they resurged and Urban Outfitters became the place to snag them (some were even vintage) and then post-college again I’d wear concert tees that I had picked up under blazers. I fell back in love with graphic tees last year; I’m kind of ashamed to say that I now “buy” my vintage tees but I if I ever find myself at a thrift store, I can’t help but to check out the t-shirt section.  If you don’t have an affinity for the vintage and/or band tee, here’s a few cool ones you can snag on the internet for cheap.

Five awesome graphic tees under $40

Mercury in Retrograde ($29)

Pink Floyd ($39)

New Order tee (I own this! – $11)

Urban Outfitters ($34)

Target ($12)five graphic tees under $40 five graphic tees under $40 five graphic tees under $40 graphic tee dressed up



  1. Ooo love this post! I’m still on the hunt for a real vintage Def Leppard Hysteria shirt, but my dad just gave me his Born in the USA shirt from 1984!!!! Glad to have some cute styling ideas!!

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