Summer Date Night Look + What I Use for Self-Tanner

Oh, white pants, how I love thee, let me count the ways….especially when paired with yellow.  The golden hue is meant to be paired with a creamy white–it’s downright heavenly.  This is my typical date night look when the weather is that perfect 68-70 degrees.  I love a good dress but I really like to embrace the white pants since they really sing in the summer (as you may know, I am an avid supporter of wearing white pants year round).

And speaking of golden hues, I wanted to share what I use for self-tanning purposes since the question is asked on instagram quite a bit.  And hey, self-tanner isn’t for everyone; my skin tone is slightly olive (I don’t have many moles, my eyes are dark brown and I tan very easily) and I’ve always thought I look better in the summer when I get a little sun.  And yes, I was way too tan in college when tanning beds were all the rage…so much regret, but luckily I didn’t do it that often (but I’d get reaaaaaally tan on spring break).

Face: Tan-Luxe drops (light/medium) – these are incredible, don’t smell bad, and you only need a few drops in your moisturizer.  I don’t have a schedule for when I use them–it’s sporadic when I want to look a little tan.  It’s very subtle and natural and the bottle has lasted me forever.  Seriously, I have half a bottle left and I bought it a year ago!

Body: Tan Towels or L’Oreal Sublime towelettes.  Both work great–I don’t see any difference between the two but know that if you’re looking for something for your body, they both work great.  L’Oreal Sublime towels are wayyyy cheaper and available at drugstores so that’s what I normally opt for.  Be sure to wash your hands afterwards!

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