Shop Your Closet: Black, Crew Neck Sweater

how to style a classic crew neck sweater three ways
A simple, black, crew neck sweater worn and styled three ways.

This week on “shop your closet” I’m featuring a thin, black, cashmere, crew neck sweater (it’s from Talbots on sale!).  It’s a true workhorse of my wardrobe and slips into an outfit at least once a week.  I’m a longtime cashmere fan and as soon as I could afford it, I started introducing it into my wardrobe.  I loved how it felt on my body and how easily the material breathed.  Thin cashmere sweaters are like t-shirts for me during the fall and winter–they’re easy layers are great on their own or that go great under jackets.  Also, as evidenced from outfit #3, cashmere isn’t just for fancy occasions; I can wear it just as easily with sweats as I can a sequin skirt (worn here, remember?). I’m 34 and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve decided that I want to buy things that I LOVE to wear and cashmere is one of those things.  And I’m not afraid of wearing it around my kids; I have two messy boys at home and while I won’t wear all white when I’m making spaghetti for them, a black, cashmere sweater is totally fair game (I’m also happy to wash my own cashmere and wool sweaters at home, so that plays into it).

In relation to this “shop your closet” series, received a lot of messages if I’m doing this because of the Marie Kondo movement and I’m actually not (but I did catch the first episode on Netflix and I probably should watch more).  I’m not a minimalist (as I type this my husband is watching the Minimalism documentary), I’m pretty disorganized, and I’m terrible at getting rid of things in my closet.  HOWEVER, a new year brings fresh perspective and I want to ensure I’m utilizing my wardrobe to its fullest potential . My hope is that you keep coming back to my blog because you trust my recommendations and my style tips; this series is a fun way to keep me accountable to you and the content I create.  Also, we just did a big master bedroom renovation and with that, I gained a closet; within the confines of that new space, I should probably start thanking and saying goodbye to the pieces that no longer spark joy, as Marie Kondo does (and that’s hard for me as a lover of fashion and as someone who totally associates clothes with specific memories).  Perhaps I will delve more into her methods but for now, the “shop your closet” series is fun for me–and hopefully you, too!

how to style a classic crew neck sweater three ways
This leopard dress has proven way more versatile than I intended–add a big belt, throw on a sweater and tuck the sweater into the belt!  // Talbots sweater (on sale!), Rixo London dress (shop more Rixo here), Gucci belt, Aquazzura heels (shop more Aquazzura here)
how to style a classic crew neck sweater three ways
A blazer and jeans is always a good idea.  Thin, cashmere sweaters are awesome for layering and thin enough to wear under jackets. //  old H&M blazer (similar here), Talbots sweater, old Citizens of Humanity jeans (shop COH here), old Sam Edelman heels (shop Sam Edelman here)
how to style a classic crew neck sweater three ways
With all black, you can achieve anything.  I like to dress up sweats and throw on a chic coat. //  Talbots sweater, Monrow sweatpants (shop more Monrow here), Sezane coat (on sale!), The Greats sneakers



  1. I love these posts. I am not really a minimalist but I love seeing ideas for how to use the clothes I have – not just constantly buying new things.

  2. I am loving your “shop your closet” series. I really wish more style bloggers did this instead of new new new. We should always be inspired to use what we have and try to wear it in a new way. Instead of being tempted by new clothes all the time. Thanks so much for starting this up!

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