Real Outfit Recap + Link Love

how to wear faux fur
Mcguire faux fur jacket (old but similar), Everlane cashmere sweater, Jen7Jeans embroidered jeans, Everlane loafers

First Real Outfit Recap of the year!  If I’m being honest, I’m still in a holiday fog over here.  So, instead of me waxing poetic, here’s a few snippets of what I wore during the holidays.  And since I’m in that fog, I want to share some links from around the world wide web.

No one does red and black better than my friend, Helena.  It’s the perfect Dec – Feb outfit!

It makes me so sad to hear of Blake Nordstrom’s passing; as a former employee (Trunk Club), I had the honor of meeting them and can attest that the Nordstrom brothers are humble and inspirational leaders who truly care about both their customers and employees.

I watched an episode of Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix and I just want to go organize my kitchen suddenly. BUT this article about the balance of the sexes when it comes to household chores is interesting.

I have a black tie wedding in Miami next month and this dress is in my cart.

Speaking of Netflix, have you seen the official statement Netflix released about the #BirdBoxChallenge?  Please don’t, people.

fair isle sweater everlane
Everlane sweater, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Koio shoes
vintage gucci bag
H&M sweater, rag & bone pants, Sperry boots, vintage Gucci bag



  1. I’ve been doing my shopping today and went to indy shops. I love the fact that you’re not only helping local businesses, but you’re getting gifts that are more unique. Who wants to look the same as everyone else?

  2. It’s refreshing to read a “shopping” post that is more reflective about possessions and personal finance. I own a home and just made a bit of a splurge upgrade to an improvement project and thought to myself that it was the same cost as a Chanel bag! 😀 What we save and spend on changes so much during our lives. I’m also noticed less of a relationship to prices as I’ve made more in my career—I can feel “guilty” about a $10 tee but feel no guilt at all buying $300 heels for work. (Probably because the tee is just a fun item while the heels are necessary to replace a pair that I’ve worn since 2009!) The Chanel is lovely and suits you perfectly—when I saw your Instagram post I knew it would be a navy classic flap! 😀

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