I Tried Beautycounter Skincare (+ Incorporated Them Into My Nighttime Routine!)

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For me, the clean beauty movement started with deodorant.  My mom always avoided antiperspirants and as I did my own research, I realized how harmful it was to let your skin absorb these toxic ingredients.  As I became more and more interested in skincare (that wasn’t until my late 20s), I was drawn towards effective products that were safer, as well. My skincare routine is constantly evolving and I will happily keep trying new products for great results (and as long as I’m scared of getting Botox).  I had, of course, heard of Beautycounter, but had yet to try it. Well, the new year is for trying new things, right?! Detoxing and simplifying after the holidays is always cathartic–and you bet that applies to skincare products. When they approached me to work together, I was really excited because I could finally try and products and see what all the fuss was about–and I must say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the products.  They’re simple, safer, no-frills, and my skin is looking hydrated and refreshed (during Chicago winter, that’s a feat, believe me). Here’s what I’ve been incorporating into my nighttime (but also daytime in some cases) routine:

Cleansing Balm – WOW.  It quite literally MELTS into my skin and removes stubborn makeup (you know how some cleansing balms make your mascara run all down your face? This one doesn’t – the makeup just seems to disappear and it’s incredible).  My skin feels super clean afterwards, but still hydrated.

Brightening Facial Oil – Oils always scared me because I have oily skin – I thought, no way this could work!  But it makes me all glowy looking and keeps my skin hydrated, which in turn, keeps the oilies at bay.  (PS I’ve also been using this in the morning–and I don’t look greasy!)

Overnight Resurfacing Peel – An awesome nighttime treatment – smooths and exfoliates and I wake up with less dull skin (it tingles, but doesn’t hurt or give me any bad reactions!).

Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion – Sometimes I can be ‘meh’ about moisturizers.  My biggest issue with them is that they’re too heavy and thick; my combination skin can’t take that so I love this lightweight, yet effective, moisturizer.  Doesn’t hurt that it’s silky smooth, too.

So what’s the overall consensus?  Did these Beautycounter favorites live up to the hype?  Yep, these clean beauty best sellers are worthy of a place in my medicine cabinet and I’m eager to try more.  It’s also worth noting that while I’ve been immersed in the clean beauty market for awhile, my makeup hasn’t quite made the “clean” switch yet so perhaps I’ll dabble in that.  ALSO, I learned in my research that there’s an all new men’s line called Counterman; I may have to snag the preview set for Eric seeing as he always borrows my stuff…

PS. About 1/3 of you who answered my poll on IG stories said you had used Beautycounter; tell me your favorite products in the comments below!  I’m itching to try more.

*Thanks to Beautycounter for partnering with this post!  All opinions are my own.

beautycounter review top products

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beautycounter honest review top products

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beautycounter honest review top products

beautycounter honest review top products



  1. Melissa Wilburn says:

    You nailed my absolute favorites (cleansing balm and resurfacing peel), but have you tried the charcoal mask and charcoal bar? They leave my skin feeling so fresh. You have to dabble in makeup – so many great products. The lip glosses are not sticky. The eyeshadows and blush have staying power. And for some reason, I can not live without the mattifying powder. It’s like corn silk. (Full disclosure- I’m a consultant, which is because I am a huge advocate for safer products…. that work).

    • I haven’t tried anything charcoal but I will now! I’m definitely intrigued by the beauty products, especially now that my makeup is so minimal every day 🙂

  2. Hello! I am a consultant and definitely think you should check out the make up since all the skin care you tried are my most favorites! The Flawless in Five is a great set and way to streamline your make up!

  3. Not a consultant 😉 but I love the tinted moisturizer and cream blush! I use the nightly peel and loved the brightening oil — currently using the plumping oil which is fine, but not my favorite.

    I’ll have to give the cleansing balm a try too. For me, the charcoal soap was too drying.

    • I think you’ll LOVE the cleansing balm – feels awesome on my skin during this harsh winter! I need to try the tinted moisturizer…I tried the IT cosmetics and it’s a little *too* full coverage for me!

  4. I am on my second container of cleansing balm and love it! It is pricey, but there is just something great about it. I tried the #2 oil and was “meh”;about it…it smelled great, but did not notice a real difference. I am now trying the tinted moisturizer, don’t love it, little too chalky for my taste and I have to mix it with additional moisturizer to get it to go on smoothly.

    • I think so. I love this blog and even sponsored posts (which are generally very well done)…but I draw the line at MLMs. Beautycounter seems to have done a big ad buy from Chicago-area bloggers (I think Liz Adams and Jess Keys both recently posted Beautycounter pieces). I’m sad to stop following/reading the blogs of these people but I can’t support MLMs.

      • Hi ladies –

        It is, but also it isn’t. I was always curious about these products but was confused about the consultant factor. The difference here is that theres a direct to consumer component of the company, where as with a typical MLM, you can only buy from a consultant. At the end of the day, it’s your decision on what you’ll allow in your life, but from my own research and experience with the products I tried (which I don’t personally sell) Beautycounter skincare is legitimate (and I’m enjoying using the few products I have), especially if you have any interest in cleaner beauty. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who sell BC products, too, and every single one of them works full time and sells it on the side because they are clean beauty and wellness aficionados who believe in this product. Just food for thought as you do your own research!

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