A Winter Outfit – Because It’s Still Winter!

winter outfit teddy coat
Club Monaco beanie (shop more CM here), MKT Studio coat – it’s on sale! (via Shopbop), Vince sweater, Gucci belt, Everlane jeans, Everlane booties, J Crew gloves, YSL sunglasses

Another winter outfit; you’ll actually be seeing these for awhile on here because….it’s winter.  I posted a picture of this outfit on Sunday night saying I was about to take action on the current fashion retail calendar (my threats are pretty empty but I’m hopeful).  It’s so misaligned with the actual weather that by the time seasons align, everything is picked over or deeply discounted.  When I worked in fashion, I felt like a lot of the brands also wanted to move to a ‘buy now, wear now’ production/marketing calendar and also wanted to see a shift in the seasons.  I totally understand the lead time needed by design and production teams but I feel like the marketing has become more aggressive long before products are seasonally needed.  Here are some examples: pre-fall comes out in July, fall is released in August, Christmas decor hits the floor in OCTOBER, resort is released in November/December – which does make sense, and spring trickles in come January.

I’m rambling – sorry about that.  And I don’t have a solution since not everyone is affected by it (looking at you SoCal…lucky) but it’s something I think about.  In the meantime, I will continue to invest in pieces I can wear season after season (the beanie and sweater in this winter outfit are the only items from 2018–the rest are older and STILL being sold) so that I’m not reliant on the fashion production cycle.  Maybe we can affect this change….just maybe.

winter outfit teddy coatwinter outfit teddy coat winter outfit teddy coatwinter outfit teddy coatwinter outfit teddy coat



  1. I actually love that by time it’s weather appropriate the clothes for that season are on sale or clearance 😁. What I oathe is social media pushing my to buy the next seasons clothing at full price, knowing full well it’ll be sitting in my clothes for weeks, even months before I can actually comfortably wear the dang item!

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