Show Them Off: How To Wear Socks With Booties

how to wear socks with booties camel coat stripes everlane
Everlane cashmere sweater ($100!), Everlane jeans, Madewell coat (similar version here), old rag & bone boots (similar here), Everlane beanie, fair isle socks, Celine bag`

Do you avoid wearing your cute booties when the weather turns frigid because your ankles are exposed and it’s just too cold?  Do you avoid wearing socks with said booties because  you were told it’s a faux pas when they show?  It’s a legitimate concern for some and can provide unnecessary frustration with your winter wardrobe. Low socks with your booties are great when the weather is milder but once it’s 15 degrees, there’s no way I’m exposing those ankles.  I may receive some backlash but I’m personally a fan of wearing neutral but decorative socks with booties to stay warm–and I don’t mind if they show sometimes. The no brainer way to do this is to match your pant to your sock for a seamless transition, but if you’re like me and want a little contrast, try some fair isle patterned socks this winter.  Another cold weather hack I have on those particularly blustery days is to wear tights under your jeans (especially if you’re walking outside a lot).  To my friends out in warmer climates, consider yourself lucky you don’t have to brace for the polar vortex that forces us to bring out the floor-length puffers and hide our ankles under tall boots.  But trust me on this one–socks are in.

PS I’m wearing a lot of Everlane in this outfit so I thought I’d tell you it’s not too late to get holiday gifts from them (they’re offering free 2-day shipping!).  Check out my post last week that featured five easy gift items.

how to wear socks with booties camel coat stripes everlanehow to wear socks with booties camel coat stripes everlane



  1. Love this look! Such good tips for staying stylish and practical at the same time. I can totally relate from my years living in NYC and having to brave the blustery cold. Now that I live in California it is less of a concern but for all the ladies living in true wintery climates these tips are too good to miss!


  2. LOVE THIS. I’m in Michigan and I hate being cold so exposing any skin is a no-g0 for me in winter. Tall boots and turtlenecks are pretty much my winter uniform. 🙂 But I love the idea of cute socks with booties – definitely trying it! Also, quick question, how do you keep your leather/suede boots from being destroyed by snow, slush, road salt, and everything else winter throws at us? Are you just super vigilant about treating them? I never want to chance it so I end up in Sorels with an all rubber bottom/foot most of the season. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!!

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