LARQ: The Last Water Reusable Bottle You’ll Ever Buy

larq water bottle

Raise your hand if you buy reusable water bottles to lessen your usage of plastic.  *Me, too* Ok, also raise your hand if you notice that sometimes those water bottles get a stench to them that you can’t rid of no matter how much you clean ‘em. *Ok, same*  I’m about to rock your world, everyone. Meet LARQ: the self-cleaning water bottle that purifies the water you put in it.  *mind blown*

I took it around the city with me when I was shooting with my photographer, Melissa.  We typically shoot 5-6 outfits in an hour and I always bring water with me so I thought I’d bring along the LARQ.  You can fill it from any water source and it will purify it to tasty perfection and keep it cool for 24 hours.  Both those traits are super appealing to me as I’ve tried to cut down on plastic in a big way and have adopted reusable water bottles.  They really do get smelly–have you noticed that? The self-cleaning feature of LARQ is really awesome (the USB port is waterproof, too) AND the fact it purifies the water is incredible–and I swear, I can taste the difference  (I’m not a fan of how Chicago tap water tastes…). You’re going to see this LARQ Bottle a lot in gift guides a lot because it’s a pretty cool gift.  The price point is $95, but when you think about how you won’t have to buy a new one in a year (I’ve spent $50 on a bottle and all it does it keep it cool…and it also started smelling after a few months), it’s a pretty great cost per use–ESPECIALLY when you use it every day!

larq water bottle

larq water bottle

larq water bottle

larq water bottle larq water bottle


  1. UGH. What is it with this water bottle? Other bloggers are promoting it, too. It seems so out of line with your usual sponsored posts. Are you really advocating for a $95 water bottle? Do any of your readers live in places with unclean water from the tap?

    • I am! My sponsored posts are generally clothing related so it’s fun to be part of a different movement that I can use in my every day life (and share with you all). How many bottles of water do you grab on the go? That plastic can add up. OR, how many reusable water bottles have you bought that reek within the first three months (I currently have THREE sitting in my cupboard–while they weren’t $95, they weren’t cheap either…probably $50?). I don’t know where you live, but here in Chicago, I’m not a huge fan of the tap water here, personally (it tastes like penicillin to me so we have a Hinckley water system at home with recycled water jugs), so if I can have a water bottle purify the tap water with a push of a button, that’s a pretty alluring feature. I’ve always been about a high/low mix kind of gal so if a water bottle can do all these things and I never have to buy another one again, that’s a thumbs up from me.

      • I think you might´ve misunderstood something. The UV-light is not purifying the water in a sense that it removes something from the water. It simply kills bacteria that might otherwise grow. So if you put tap water to your bottle it should taste exactly the same before and after you pressed that UV light button. Everything else should be imagination, even if you swear. It just prevents bad taste in the future! Dead bacteria should taste the same as live bacteria, maybe even worse 😀

  2. I love this water bottle and it is also perfect for traveling internationally where the water is not always drinkable…in one week you could easily spend $45+ on bottled water so this is worth it!

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