Just Add a Leather Jacket

leather jacket and neutrals
old Zara leather jacket (similar here and love this moto one), Everlane cami, Leith pants, Chanel bag, Sam Edelman heels

Remember when I made a DIY jumpsuit with wide-leg pants and a cami?  When I wore it that day, was one of those hot, August days; you know the type–sticky, muggy, heavy air.  Well, the weather is turning but even if the morning is cool, the afternoons are usually a little warmer.  My solution?  Add a leather jacket.  I’ve had this one for years (like six years…yep) but any will do.  It adds a little fall edge and keeps you warm.  Plus, it fall-ifes any summer look instantly.

leather jacket and neutralsleather jacket and neutralsleather jacket and neutralsleather jacket and neutrals



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