Would You Wear a Belt Bag?

belt bag how to wear fanny pack
Everlane cami, Everlane pants, Herschel belt bag, Sam Edelman sandals

Belt bag, fanny pack, hip pouch – what do you call it?  Basically, this baby is a hands-free bag and with the 90s revival happening as of late, they’ve been all the rage.  I had one growing up (who didn’t) and definitely didn’t think I’d be rocking a nylon one again as an adult.  The backstory with this bag is I bought it for the Beyonce/Jay Z concert because the venue was majorly strict with bag sizes.  Plus, it was $25 and it’s also perfect for travel, so I thought, ‘why not?’  SO here I am, wearing a belt bag/fanny pack/hip pouch both unapologetically and un-ironically.  And you know what?  It’s pretty handy and I don’t know what to do with my hands when wearing it.

So, are you on this train?

herschel belt bag



  1. Jane LaBombard says:

    YES! I bought a Patagonia fanny pack two years ago and I use it all the time! Now I need a fashionable one, like yours. Thank you!!

  2. Yes! I surprisingly love it! I have a simple black one but now that I see your leopard print…I have a really hard time resisting leopard print!!

  3. Heck yeah! Especially as a mom with a toddler these come in so handy. Lo & sons makes a great one that converts to a crossbody as well.

  4. I had one growing up who didn’t and definitely didn’t suppose I’d be rocking a nylon one once more as an person. The backstory with this bag is I bought it for the Bey once/Jay Z live performance due to the fact the venue became majorly strict with bag sizes. Plus, it become $25 and it’s additionally perfect for travel so I notion why now not so right here I am, sporting a belt bag/fanny percent/hip pouch each unapologetic ally and un-mockingly.University Assignment writing help

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