Real Outfit Recap

classic style striped shirt distressed jeans
Everlane top, Levi’s jeans (wearing a size down – als0 here), Chanel flats (look for less)

Did everyone have a good 4th of July?  My kids are still pretty little so they were zonked out by the time the fireworks went.   BUT it was our first ‘suburban’ holiday and they had SUCH a great time.  There was a parade, games, popsicles – it reminded me of my childhood (and reminded me why we moved to the suburbs) in that wholesome sort of way.

Yesterday, we left for my mom’s house in Ohio for a little visit since I haven’t been back here since Christmas. It’s a 3.5 hour drive normally and it took 6 hours….the traffic was insane and I was surprised, seeing as it was a day after a holiday at an off-time.  Suffice to say, the kids went stir-crazy (we don’t have iPads yet because I’m holding out for as long as we can, not that Toddler Teddy would even watch it) and I had flashbacks to the days when my parents would load us into the van and drive us to Florida for Spring Break.  19 looooong hours in the car–and we rarely stopped to stay the night.  I have no idea how we survived seeing as portable electronics barely existed back then (I think my oldest sister had a walkman and she definitely didn’t let me borrow it).  Great, now I feel bad complaining about a lousy 6-hour drive.

linen belted shirt dress
Everlane dress (runs big – wearing a 0), espadrilles (look for less), Gucci belt
how to wear a jumpsuit
Lou & Grey jumpsuit, Everlane sandals, Mansur Gavriel tote



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