Easy Outfit

Sézane sweater (shop cream sweaters here), Levi’s jeans (shop more Levi’s here), Sol Sana boots (shop Sol Sana boots here), Céline bag (shop taupe bags here)

This is my go-to easy outfit when I want to look slightly edgy with minimal effort.  First, cream sweaters are my go-to.  I own more than I’d like to admit and I think it has something to do with keeping it fresh during the dreary winter.  This sweater has a built-in lace peekaboo feature (cuuuute) and these jeans make me feel like I’m not a regular mom, but a cool mom.  Lastly, the sock booties keep the mom-edge going.  You know what my favorite thing about these boots is?  They’re so comfortable that I wear them all day–I don’t even need a break.  It’s the most comfortable 3.25 inch heel I’ve ever worn.

PS. have you ever checked out the Sézane website?  It’s has the most simple, easy sweaters around.  Here are a few favorites:

This is so freaking festive and adorable.

Ooooh, I love a good pussy-bow.

More red sweaters?!  Yes.



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  2. I really want some sock booties, but while I don’t really think I have big calves, I feel as if my calves look squished in them. Poor me. Ha!

    Also, not sure how your house hunting is going, but I highly recommend the North Shore. Love Winnetka!

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