I Tried a Keratin Lash Lift

keratin lash lift resultsThat’s right – I tried a keratin lash lift.  It’s basically a semi-permanent curl for your eyelashes that lasts up to three months.  Here’s the low down:

Why did I do it?

I used to get eyelash extensions from time to time.  I LOVED them–like really loved them.  I felt more confident, prettier and putting on make up in the morning was a breeze (and minimal).  I hated the upkeep, though.  Two weeks in, you’d feel like you’d start to feel the need for a refresh and by four weeks, the lashes were growing wonky and definitely needed refilling.  I realized I just didn’t have the time or patience to keep up with lash extensions.  Also, once they started to grow out, I’d mess with them and found myself picking at them (terrible habit 0 don’t do it).  Lastly, after getting lash extensions for a prolonged period of time, I really felt like my lashes had become sparse and weak.  Once they were off, my lashes were terrible for a couple months (that doesn’t happen to everyone – just my experience).

What’s the process?

You take off all makeup and can’t wear contacts.  Your eyes are protected and lashes are out why the lash guru applies the keratin.  I believe it sits on for 15 minutes and it feels a little uncomfortable, but definitely doesn’t hurt.  I just get antsy and it felt a little itchy but I couldn’t touch it.  Then, the product is taken off and another product is put on for another 10 minutes.  It’s really a quick process.

How is it after?

You can’t get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours and it’s best to avoid steam.  Don’t wash them, don’t wear makeup.  I know – it’s a lot to ask but your lashes are so curled that I didn’t mind.  Many women also get them tinted at the same time…but my lashes/eyebrows are naturally dark so I skipped that option.  You do notice the curl right away and it opens even more over the next two days.  Once you’re able to put mascara on, your lashes look amazing.

Would I do it again?

Yes, I would and plan on it after three months has passed. However, if you’re expecting lash extension results, you’ll be disappointed.  It’s not that dramatic but it’s subtle and you will notice your eyes are a little more open and a little brighter.  Also, I don’t have to use an eyelash curler in the morning so it saves me a step!

Where did I do it?

Lash Luxe Chicago (and if you’re interested in lash extensions, Rebecca at Stella’s Haven is AMAZING )

Sorry that the photos look like they were taken with my 2007 work Blackberry.  I took them up close and was sending them to friends/family when I decided that I should also share my experience with all of you!  Let me know if you have questions – happy to answer.


    • You should try it! I just wanted to set the expectation that it’s not as dramatic as lash extensions, because it’s definitely not. BUT it’s a great alternative with less upkeep 🙂

  1. I’ve done it twice and I LOVE it – and I’m not very into procedures beyond waxing and haircuts! I also have long, dark, straight lashes I curled and coated with mascara daily. My first day at work after the lash left (wearing mascara) my boss asked if I did something because they looked so good. 🙂

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