I Really Love My… (See Jane Wear All The Time)

Look 1:  blazer, jeans, turtleneck (similar), shoes
Look 2:  blazer, jeans, sunglasses, turtleneck, clutch, shoes

I don’t like to play favorites, wait, actually, yes I do.  I LOVE this blazer (and it’s since sold out but this one is very similar).  I wear it just as much as you think I do–ALL THE TIME.  Moral of the story: if you’re thinking about a camel blazer, just do it.  It will be part of your weekly rotation.


  1. Love my pur camel hair khaki blazer from Talbots. It is about 20 years old and still so stylish. No padded shoulders. Just long enough to confer the longest shirt styles even today.

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