Cuyana Bag (See Jane Carry)

Rag & Bone jeans, J Crew chambray shirt, J Crew metallic pumps, KW sunglasses, Cuyana leather tote (c/o)

Meet Cuyana: a leather company based out of San Francisco.  They make beautiful bags, accessories, clothes and live by the motto that it’s better to acquire less and instead, have more of what you truly love.  I strive to live a more simplistic life (and trust me, it’s hard, especially when blogging is your hobby), but I do love their message.  The company is very cool and they offer amazing products, like this bag.  This leather tote is absolutely perfect for work.  If you schlep your computer back and forth from the office like I do, then you’ll appreciate a lightweight bag with ample room.

Check the company out when you get the chance; I think you’ll find that the products are beautiful and the prices are totally fair.

And one more Jerome shot because he’s so unbelievably handsome…


  1. I'm a long time reader, but this is my first comment! haha!
    That leather bag is just DIVINE and sooo much more affordable than all these celine shoppers/ysl shoppers going around. I just cannot justify over $1000 for a plain shopper, so this one is perf.

    Steph x

  2. Honestly, I am so sick of seeing this bag around the 'blogosphere.' It has having the opposite effect of what was intended. It seems like Cuyana has given away an expensive tote to every single blogger I follow and they are all writing these sponsored posts. Sigh.

    For a long time blogs where this great, non-commercial escape from traditional print magazines. But I think I'm starting to give up on them.

    Just my two cents.

  3. @kate – I understand your frustration about seeing the same items over and over and over in the blogosphere. I accept items on a minimal basis (only ones that I would buy myself or if the company is one I believe in); however, I've only personally seen Cuyana featured on another blogger (who's a friend and has a style that I admire)–Ahn from I think Cuyana is just trying to get their name out and bloggers are sometimes a great platform for that.

    @anon – Cuyana does the monogramming!

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