Repurposed (See Jane Wear)

Kenna-T jacket (old but similar), Gap turtleneck, Old Navy skirt (old but this one is awesome for spring), J Crew pumps, Gap sunglasses

I will not discuss the weather.  I will not complain about the cold.

….ok, fine–I can’t help it!  I need spring temperatures in my life.  If anything, the abysmal weather is keeping me creative.  I’ve been pulling items from the depths of my closet.  It’s not like I have a choice in the matter; if I have to wear another sweater with skinny jeans and boots, I might go insane.


  1. You look cold in these photos. I don't blame you. I'm high-tailing it out of Chicago for some much-needed California springtime. Hope it cheers up here by the time I get back.

  2. totally agreed…. my permutations are becoming increasingly more creative as i try to rebel and resist from wearing the same denim and same wool sweaters.

    dig the pumps.

  3. I love how you paired the skirt with the leather jacket and made it day-time appropriate! And Chicago weather is terrible! It's like it's winter all over again.

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