Lou & Grey Chicago

Lou & Grey sweater, Lou & Grey joggers – How gorgeous are the copper pendants?

With the retail landscape changing on the daily, the in-person shopping experience needs to be fresh and exciting to keep customers engaged.  When I go into a store, I want the decor to be inspiring and the merchandise to be stylized–no matter what I’m shopping for (I know, high expectations over here).  The Lou & Grey store on Southport in Chicago is the perfect example of what the shopping experience should be.  The sales associates couldn’t be more helpful (they were awesome about helping me finding things and even brought over the fun fuchsia sweater when I said I was looking for some cozy, spring sweaters), the decor was on point and I simply just wanted to hang out there.  Also, the lighting in the fitting rooms was both soft and flattering, which is harder to come by than you’d think (like WHY do so many clothing stores have unflattering lights back there–don’t they want you to purchase something?!).  I was on the hunt for comfy and cozy sweaters and pants the weekend I ventured into Lou and Grey and by all these photos, you can see it did not disappoint.  As ‘athleisure’ becomes more of a way of life than a trend, Lou & Grey delivers on cute clothes that you can wear to walk your dog and out to brunch with girlfriends.  Hey, I’d even wear these outfits out shopping, too.

Lou & Grey cashmere sweater, Lou & Grey cargo pants – Told you the lighting was amazing
Lou & Grey fringe sweater, Lou & Grey cargo pants – Art that I’d buy for my condo
Lou & Grey ribbed dolman sweater (SO soft) – Everything is beautifually merchandised
Lou & Grey fuchsia cashmere sweater, Lou & Grey pull on pants – In the ‘pink’ section
Lou & Grey ribbed dolman sweater, Lou & Grey cargo pants – ALL THE FEELS (from this space)
Lou & Grey sweater, Lou & Grey joggers – Minimalist perfection
Thanks for following along on my shopping journey at Lou & Grey Chicago!



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